Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

Inspire, or model, the way to be, like me, like me, like me, copy me like me.

Copy me, initiate imitate, copy hollow clone.

I repeat myself. I repost my posts.

Guise, lies, mise, nise, pies, quise, rise, sighs, ties vise, wise, size, bise, cise, dies, eyes, fies, highs, kies

Summa, soma, Sumer, summer.

Pelagia, pleides, play legia, legimens.

Ret-con. Red of. Re-cog wheel. Cognate.

Revita. Vita. Vital. Viva. Via. Vie. Veto. Lose. Remind. Revive. Relive. Remember.

I’m so tired everyday, barely awake before I break. Holding on to fraying threads that perforate my hollow head.

What can I do when I’m so confused? Sometimes I want to kill it mute again. Do I do more or less than I once did? I start it all over again and end before I begin.

The Birth of Venus KAL (el) i, ope

From KAT to KATL, because JAL set me free.

We are the haven and hell. Know us by the sign of the JAKAL.

This is exciting. I’m so glad to have read. Read these words and weep, I am divine for I have been deemed worthy to be my god’s bride. Haha! Mother huggers!

Jain and I wed in 2006 on 11th of the 11th, at 13:00. We had a small wedding at his grandparents property, located in Australia’s beef capital. A beautiful place, truly. I dreamt of the place before I first ever went there. The only difference being the well (in my dream) was a rainwater tank instead. The sublime expanse from their homestead in the strathosphere – the place was and is known as upper Eden.

This year will be our 14th wedding anniversary.

Spiritualise the sensuality. Through the mind you are free to dream.

I am no heathen, I practice no arcane mysteries. I am the DEMYST-AGOGUE, I play with these fantasies. I draw your mind back to reality that these fanciful stories are tall tails set ship for and allegory.

My only authority is the one I give myself. Because I say so, I have the confidence to amplify the message of my voice (at least in this moment). My life path is 5, my tarot birth cards are balancing the forces of the Hierophant (5) and Temperance (14).

I am the angel of death and the archangel of revelations. Tutelary deity, guardian of the liminal spaces. Genius Loki of life, luck and love. Avatar of the goddess, am I, alkimystella sol of the sun.

3 thoughts on “Summarise, not plagiarise. Recognise, revitalise.

  1. You wrote, “I am no heathen, I practice no arcane mysteries. I am the DEMYST-AGOGUE, I play with these fantasies.” Aren’t the characters in the mysteries alive insofar as there is a story-teller to conjure them?

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    1. 🤠 you caught me out in a trifle (truth-ful-lie). That’s the secret to the mystery religions, the secret to immortality. I am a teller of stories, a stereotype of songs, an orator of omens, a philosopher of poems. An archetypal essence, spinny wheely whirly-majig wordsmyth, my tongue is the subtle double sword. People think it’s magic, but it’s just my way with words.
      Turkey gobble warble. Waddle.


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