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Every name that I have chosen with care. I am an adherent of the qualities of the existent determine the word most befitting to be cried.

Fixed star chart, astro.com

Khambalia – the name sounds similar my name… KiMBerLyA.

Descendant – what one seeks in a partner; it is that to which we gravitate. It reflects the aspects that one dissassociates from in themselves and thus are drawn to others whom we see as possessing these qualities. Conversely, it is by these qualities that others may see in ourselves.

Venus and Pluto conjunctionintense, enigmatic and transformative. Not afraid of gut wrenching emotions. All is fair in love and war.

Fixed star – Khambalia

Fixed star: KHAMBALIA.
English translation: Crooked-clawed. A star on the left foot of Virgo.
Constellation: Lambda Virgo
Longitude 1900: 05SCO33. Longitude 2000: 06SCO57.
Declination 1900: -12.55′. Declination 2000: -13.21′.
Right ascension: 14h18m. Latitude: +00.29′.
Spectral class: A2. Magnitude: 4.6.
Suggested orb: 0′ 29″ Planetary nature: Mer-Mar

History of the star

The name has its roots in old Coptic and means ‘Crooked Claw’, most probably the same device which we call the Swastika and whose ancient symbolism contained the idea of secret knowledge, accessible to us, but only if one knows the way to get to it, as we also find with the maze in other cultures. The word Shambala has a
similar root and meaning; so has the pentagram, so has the Arabic word for five, Khamsa, may well also derive from the same piece of mystique. Khamr, wine, also has a connection, being so often a symbol for ‘the secret of life’, ‘the spirit’ again, as well as a means to enter a transcendental (or just inebriated) state of consciousness. (Dr. Eric Morse The Living Stars).

Influence of the constellation:

By the Kabalists it is associated with the Hebrew letter Gimel and the 3rd Tarot Trump “The Empress”. (Robson).

General influence of the star:

It causes swift violence, unreliability, changeability, and an argumentative nature. (Robson).

Khambalia is very much a star of the penetration of secrets. Denotes those good at applying intellect to deep research of any kind, to police type investigation, espionage and also to such pursuits as alchemy and the esoteric in general. (Dr. Eric Morse).

Constellation of Words

Khambalia marks the foot of the Virgin Priestess and is known as the keeper of secret knowledge accessed through transcendental states of awareness. Whenever a planet is near Khambalia we have greater access to the secrets of transformation through death and rebirth carried deep within our DNA.

Khambalia was thought to be a doorway into Shambhala (Khambalia being a similar word to Shambhala) – a Sanskrit term meaning place of peace/tranquility/happiness – a mythical land that will return when we again enter Sat Yuga.

Star of secret knowledge

stellar aurifer, lunar lucifer, ingenue caelifer, martial ensifer, mercurial aquilifer, venusian ignifer, jovian omnifer, saturnine design… In my veins, blood courage. Kaliope calling, open eyes falling, wings of a wheel, broken, concealed. Sanguine phrase, phlegm balm raised, chimeric cholera

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