Apocalyptic catalyst

Posters I made on canva as 2018 came to a close. Thus the whole “1st January 2019” launch date thing.

Modern mystic mother and her Cult of Kim. The essence of a spirited soul, and her ego-centric personality.

I just show these here for posterity, to acknowledge (for good or bad) what was mine and what light I thought I had

Gallery of graphics for mmmother & cok

Dr Kalliope Veign. DOCTOR. I was a heretical healer. Anecdotes as antidotes to the ennui of life.

Saviour – save, iou (I owe you), r (are)… Save yourself, you owe it to yourself. You are real, and rare, you are already all as you are. SIR, knight, Lord, leige. Legion is many, not a demon personally. Personified versions for the purpose of narration, connect to the audience through techniques of persuasion.

Kao5 latte – chaos (my modus operandi, where I thrive), five (we all know my number is 5), latte (coffee coloured/flavoured beverage)/late (after the appointed time)

Apocalypso known – end of the world, calypso (demi goddess, conceal), known (previously acquired knowledge), now (activate command in moment in time).

Pay close attention to the words I chose back then – cataclysmic disaster, placate my numina which really wants to destroy the world, so many feelings about so many things, I could kill you or kiss you, cure you or crush you. Keys to gates, play and prey.

Numina – plural of numen. Divinity. Know the mind of noos and the noeo it knows, are nouns and verbs for your essence of consciousness.

9 speculum speculorum spes – 9 means of peering into the unseen, to locate hope in (paradora’s box) mirror of mirrors.

Lux et veritas – The light of truth.

Heimdall is the guardian of the bifrost, watching for Ragnarok. Heimdallr was the child of 9 mothers. The shining one, with the gjallarhorn.

Cyclists, cycle. Round and round you go. Cars are bigger, stronger, boxes of metal. Cogs in a machine, in service of the system. Binary codes combine 1 and 0. Submit to your programming, or take control of it. Accept responsibility of whatever comes from your input.

Tools keep your hands clean, they are useful stuff. Also useful things to blame in case you fuck it up.

Clean hands, free from blame. Save your soul, absolve the contaminate. Metallic armour, shield, sword, scalpel, coin, and filament. Fight the fight, mow your enemies down! Bullets, weapons, blades, wire, bullion. Nothing stands before you now. Proud, with a medal of honour. My medallion is my medulla, my war is with myself. Metal is natural, and heavy. Plastic is a viable alternative for it is cheap and disposable, and lasts near forever. Our bags, straws, containers, toys, pieces of whatever. Armour is a hazmat suit, protective barrier guards you against the environment.

Detour of discourse

Mmmother is dead, replaced with Khambalia instead. The Cult of Kim is under reconstruction.

Strip the flesh to reveal a manticore – (religion is nothing more than) culture’s ultra personality.

Peel away the film (cinema//membrane), like me.

Do you know what to do? Do you need me to show you?

Do it as I do, go on, show me what you do. Do to me as done to you. Release what holds you back from truth.

Am I the one way mule, or Absalom? Bliss to singe, a sense deprived gene pool. Distant protocol hides a screaming wall. Namesake an anchor, we climb back up too soon.

Apophenic Epiphany

Omphalos apopheny. Apoplectic epiphany. To live and die through dimorphic obscurity, bring on euphoria of utopia’s oblivion.

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