The worst prophet for profit

There are many things I could say to redirect your attention or reframe your headspace.

Muddled minds, hollowed hearts, programed brains, souls controlled need to be cleansed. Let’s wash your brain squeaky clean, spit shine your synapses to sparkle like mine.

Back to the future, from the detour we passed!

Why did I show you those posts from my past? Context, my friend, as awareness prepares you for what’s next, yet to come.

Proof is in the precedent

29th March, 2020. Illuminating Laura.
Lighting up the darkest night, the emptiness is occupied. Pro-gnostic, awakened life.
K is the word. I’ve got groove and feelings.

I am the worst prophet for profit since I don’t actually profit from my prophecies. No body pays me for shit – except the government.

I am paid by the government to teach children in the public education system.

COVID-19 has changed the way society behaves and congregates. We are separated, self isolated as pseudo quarantine.

People now work from home, and that includes schools. As everyone hides behind screens, strung up online. We are forced to engage with life through windows.

So if no body is needed, only a presence (which is easy to pretend), where does that leave the substitute teachers?

Second life, Sims in the making

Surrogacy, substitute for living.

And nothing ever goes ok, nothing is ever smooth enough to coast. Turbulent waters all the fucking time. (&know/t) The only one expected to tow the line…

Life is a game. Play or be played. Sage advice from your very own matrix Oracle of Delphi Sydney.

Drop me a line and I’ll read the cards/stars for you. Or book in a general psycho psychic consultation for shits and giggles insight to self-actualization.

Paid actors, flat earth

Australia is a bunch of paid actors #flatearth

MM, 30 November 2018.

As an Australian, where’s my flat earth discworld money? Despite never having read a Terry Pratchett novel, I know he’s what Willis was talking about.

I love theatre and acting, I am the performance artisté! Cheif muse, after all. The mother of Orpheus.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m still trying to figure out how I can ensure I will continue to get paid.

I’m open to offers for collaboration.

8 thoughts on “The worst prophet for profit

      1. I don’t have a preference of deck but would prefer you choose the one that feels closest to my energy when it’s time to draw and that you feel intimately connected to.

        As for what I want to know I’m looking to divine understanding for my spiritual storyline playing through my being. I’d like to understand more of that which comes from the other side.


    1. Studying my astrology chart. Applying my personal microcosmic thingys to the macrocosm. In Vedic astrology, the mahadashas relate to periods of time within one’s lifespan.


      1. Yes there is this mysterious connection between the micro- and macrocosms. I suspect the greater the ‘magician’ so-to-speak rises in their power, the greater this connection becomes.


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