The leak project – ripping apart of galaxies

M86. My galactic self, the titular galaxy of the video by the conspiracy scientist.

I didn’t expect that when I clicked to view. Yet another way to remind myself of everything I hate. I cannot escape my mistakes.

Of course that’s not actually true. The cosmic phenomenon we observe does not actually have anything to do with us.

But it’s the way we perceive and experience existence. We observe through out eyes, hear through our ears, feel through our nerves, smell through our sinuses, taste with our tongues,

sense with no sentience, think without


9th April 2020 @ 10:14 am.

2 thoughts on “The leak project – ripping apart of galaxies

  1. In my mind there stands The Great Attractor, the core sun upon which the entirety of the Universe revolves around. Every piece of the Universe moves in conjunction with the gravity of The Great Attractor. In other words, The Great Attractor could be seen as the reason Everything moves the way it does.

    In addition to the Great Attractor is the opposite force, which is The Great Separator, the core creation upon which the entirety of the Universe is moving apart from. Every piece of the Universe is fragile to the destructive nature of The Great Separator. In other words, The Great Separator can be seen as the reason Everything has fear of the End.

    But in my mind, The Great Separator has ever been moving towards the Great Attractor, just as every other piece of Creation moves revolves around the Great Sun. Soon, the Great Separator will come into contact with The Great Attractor.

    When I posed this story to my husband, he asked me “If you were writing the ending, what would happen when they come in contact?”

    To which my first thought was that they would find similarity in one another and that a Great Balance would be found as the Reason for the Universes movement paralleled with the Reason for the Universe’s Fear, Everything would come to a final resting place.

    Some Could Call it the Great Death, The Grand Stillness, Everything where it was always meant to be, no more movement necessary. But collectively, the whole of Existence would stop and Eternity would be the Moment we find ourselves in. Perfection Incarnate – The Perfect Moment for ALL to Experience. Life as we know it torn apart at the seams, but Everything we ever hoped for springing forth from the tear.

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    1. Haha omg! Yeah! Yes! The infinite found in the finite instant. When recognition and realisation ignite the spark inside, two become one and undoes what was done (coagulate the separate, repair the pared).
      “Perfect self” by Stereomud. Xoxo

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