Secrets codes of society

Trojan horses, malware virus, program automated responses, immune system, firewalls, cellulose cell block tango.

Lips are locks, kisses are keys, seal it shut with a faux pas/SWORDs. Mouth to mouth, read the space between the words that were seid

Get with the program, learn to code for life. Words are ciphers to break your mind.

Is technology mandatory? We live in an age of mass industry. Produce products, pay for the privileged. Mass reproductions surpassing demand. Manual immanuel, automate autoclave. With this ring of codon pairs, program our hearts to heed our heads, bind our soul to seal our God amongst us. innovation to Disregard the discarded, their demons rogram consciousness to prosper

the first seal: a kiss

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sweety. A common and well known sentiment. It is a cliche that is encoded with many ‘secrets’…

When they’re not really secret, it is merely mnemonic – a tool for MEMORY RETENTION. So we ‘CODE’ words to mean something, and usually those meanings and interpretations are quite personal. We share our ‘secrets’ and because we use the word ‘secret’, it builds a false sense of trust between the speaker and the listener (or the author and reader).

Fallow bunnykims threw the warren holes

Original title of this post, long ago. Homophones.

Whether or not the message is intended for us, we all like to think that we are important enough to be so privy to such information… or we feel indignant that such information is being withheld from us. EEK GAD, THE NERVE OF THAT FELLOW! *shakes fist indignantly in the general location of the supposed offender*

Shaking that first makes Shakti go crazy.

Demonstrate the ‘secrets’ people have programmed into the word KISS –

  • The kiss of death, a secret indication of the target of the intended attack. Often associated with criminal activities, and ‘dementors’
  • The kiss of life, CPR. Breathing into an unconscious person’s air passageways, paired with chest compressions to manually ‘restart the heart’ (the fuel pump for your body, the core of your circulatory system. Rev your engine.)
  • ‘do you kiss your mother with that mouth?’ – idiom, implies that the mouth is a contradictory wellspring of wonders. A source of both virtuous and vitriolic spirits (vocalised words of sentiments; air that has been manipulated by the muscles within the larynx).
  • kiss – verb, an action of pressing one’s lips against the surface of something, usually another person.
    • An incredibly intimate act as the mouth is the opening passage that leads directly to the inner core mechanisms and organs required for the body to live.
    • Intimacy is not the same as sexuality. Intimacy denotes closeness. Sexuality involves the sex organs.
      • kiss on the cheek, kiss on the forehead, kiss on the back of one’s hand, kiss on the lips, ‘kiss my ass’ (sarcastic retort, or a sensual request?!)
  • K.I.S.S – hair metal band since the 70s, responsible for such hits as ‘I was made for loving you’, ‘turn on the night’ and Gene Simmons’ tongue.
  • K.I.S.S – mnemonic of keep it simple, stupid. It means to not over complicate things. Simplicity is perfection. Simplicity in design allows for universal accessibility.

Simplicity is absolutely an indication of divinity, for then it is able to be harnessed (and corrupted) by anyone and everyone. Edward Teller made an amazing discovery – and it was the powers that be that decided to capitalise off the significance of the discovery by looking at it in terms of WEAPONISING IT.

Things are quite neutral in this world. The animal kingdom of predator and prey is evidence of that. It is not evil, it is survival. Yet we are human beings with the capacity for CONSCIENCE cognition. We’re not mindless animals.

We are emotional beings; capable of doing great works in this world.

Any action is work. Anything of significance is great. The easiest ‘great work’ to produce is usually one of devastating consequence.

My desire for my great work is to rewrite the biblical scriptures of religious doctrine.

To which I say that is not difficult, anyone can write a bunch of stuff and publish it. ‘Bible’ is just a word, ‘biblio-‘ is the written word. These are MY written words, not of any deity or demon.

For these are the words of my spirit. Of who I am at my very core. I may come across as possessed by the great spirit or I am channeling my holy guardian angel…

You will likely see me as a heretic, a heathen, or perhaps heaven (or hell) sent because of what my words stir within your heart or soul. If that is the case, then my first and foremost goal will have been achieved. Check.

Priority number 1 for me is to make you THINK. Rattle some cages and chains in your head. Free yourself from your preconditioning.

Words are powerful. They are very powerful. But not all words for words are powerless. It is the WIELDER of the WORD.

People love to back themselves up with quotes of other people because they know that their words are pretty full of shit.

If you have been following me for a while you’ll know I rarely quote anyone or anything, I quote myself. And why shouldn’t I? I believe in my message, I endorse myself because it’s something I fuxking believe in.

That’s not to say I don’t love powerful quotes, I used to collect them. I’ve got journals and books filled with quotes. I used them to help support what I’m trying to say when the person I’m corresponding with is likely to say “oh you’re just saying that to make me feel better”.

I’m not saying anything that I say to make anyone else feel better. I say it because I mean it.

I mean everything that I say in the moment I say it. But words on the air have no lasting impact as they are forgotten as quickly as they were transferred.

The action of recording the words of your heart and mind, that is what has lasting impact. And also it is capable of being taken completely out of context and manipulated to represent a different “version of the truth” …. depending on the agenda of the individual.

My next post will be a whole bunch of quotes that I believe in whole heartedly. I will only share them, not explain them. I leave it up to you to interpret what I am really trying to say.

That’s not because I don’t know what it is (entirely…), but I know there are readers and writers here who view the posts created by other people and then steal them, and cart it up as their own. Because “real artists steal their ideas”…

Probably why for the longest time I’ve never felt worthy of the title of “artist”… I am a MUSE.

Thus the reason for my choice of name when I first came here on WordPress. Because I already knew who I was, and my own power and influence in my life.

If you like my message, consider becoming a patron on patreon, donate on PayPal, or order/book a divination reading from me.

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9 February 2019 @ 5:39 am // 15 April 2020 @ 10:38 pm

13 thoughts on “Secrets codes of society

      1. But who cares because any publicity is good publicity… amirite?! any news is ‘good’ news? *tries to loosen collar* yikes.
        People enjoy lies and falsehoods. It helps to keep their minds safe…

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      2. Yes, that is the problem, helping to keep their minds safe and not knowing is the perfect way to control us from the corrupt structural powers. And that is how fascism grows. It only needs three things: delusion in the traditional policies, ignorance and fear from the general population.

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      3. Now while this political stuff is going on, everyone looking at what everyone else is doing… who is paying attention to what is happening in the immediate sphere? Like… the way we treat others and the way others treat us on the daily? In the micro sphere rather than the macro?
        Don’t we need our pretty little lies to help us feel better about our lives?

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      4. I’m a high school teacher (although I’m unemployed this year… ugh!), so I like to encourage critical thought and autonomy in my classes. I don’t like to get political as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and people have their own ideas. I just want to ensure people are informed and know what it is they stand for, who they align with, why they’re doing whatever they’re doing… etc. It has to start at home, and with the self. That one lives a life of integrity and example. To be upfront and honest about motivations and intentions rah rah etc.
        Non-violent campaigns are more likely to win because they seem reasonable, however one should be wary of the silver tongued con-artist who will lead people to their downfall (because tricks, pranks and jokes are fun…)

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      5. I am a high school teacher too and agree with encouraging critical thought and autonomy in our classes. That is our function and, as you say, not to get political with our students. I hope you find a job soon. And yes, we must be wary of the silver tongued con-artists. Great point. BTW, what do you teach or used to teach?

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      6. I’m 32, and the way the education system is here it’s pretty hard to secure a permanent position. I’m doing on call casual at the moment, and have managed to score a couple of tutoring gigs. I’m not desperate to look for more teaching jobs because I *feel* like I’m where I’m supposed to be – a free agent online. Eeek, that doesn’t generate an income, but I’m hoping to get something tangible together soon. My rollercoaster health last year lost me my contract (too many sick days) and then over December there was an issue with some doxxers.. so my employment eligibility is basically burned to cinders. Yay..

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      7. From your words I gather you are from the US? From the promised land with one of the wildest Capitalist systems in the world, usually worse than in many European countries (I live in one of them), where asking for sick leave at work is usually less problematic (though things are changing)? And you have doxxers? Ciberbullies? God, I want to send you all the best energy and courage to overcome this situation, to have better health. I am sure this downfall will bring you more than a new opportunity in life. Are you homeless now or at risk of being so?


      8. I’m actually from Australia. With my sick leave, it was fine because I had enough leave (I took about 25 days off in a single term), and going from contract to casual was so good as it helped reduce stress and I was getting regular casual work. It was mutually beneficial. Yet this year I’ve had 1 single day of work so I’m starting to stress again.
        I’m not at risk of homelessness, at least not yet, just stuff keeps piling up and up. More expenses, unexpected ones and normal ones. Timing of shit! Aargh! LOL
        We’re a 2 income household and with my lack of work we’ve halved our income but not our expenses. Lifestyle creep, car and home loans, 2 school aged kids. It’s ridiculous how expensive it is to afford to live. Sydney is one of the top 10 most expensive cities to live, more than London and New York apparently.

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      9. Yes, I imagine life is difficult with the two kids and half of the income in such an expensive city as Sydney. I have never been to Australia. I live in a town very close to Barcelona (about 12 km). Even Barcelona has become too expensive and some people are being evicted from their homes. That is why I am very sensitive to the issue of homelessness and also because I had a shock when I visited the U.S. in 2016. I walked along the streets of San Francisco, Oakland, etc., and it was terrible to see the amount of homeless people. “I hear in the back of my head the story of elderly, who are committing crimes, so that they can go to jail to get three meals a day and housing.” These are impacting lines from a post by a great friend of mine, artist-writer Mario Savioni, whom I highly recommend you to read. Thank to him, I have this blog and I have come across very interesting and talented artists-writers like you. This is the link to Mario’s post:

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