A message from HRU & the Sphinx – Sightsee the Tarot

2000+ words. Kinda long. But please, if you so please, try to read the whole thing. I’ve kept the wordplay headings to a minimum in my revision. I still think this is (my mind & I am) a mess to try to represent…

context begins here

Tarot queen supreme shared this tarot activity and I just had to give it a try. Why? Because of the title, HRU and the Sphinx…

Totally insane that 2 days ago I drew 2 cards from my madame fortuna oracle deck, asking something like what I have equipped or working with my spiritually currently, I pulled the sphinx. Kinda freaked out thinking I’m receiving a warning, I next pull the king. They’ve been sitting on my “altar” since. And HRU is a name I’d also recently (a few days or so) arrived at while toying with letters in my birth name.

Comment I left behind, errors and all.

It was imperative I attempt to articulate this, for some reason or other. I’ve got 29 drafts in my WordPress draft folder, 100 pending review. It’s not that I don’t write, nor that I don’t do. It’s more that I have no wherewithal to see things through to the end.

I am afraid of being outspoken lest I be shot down (strung up, eviscerated, cried and bled dry) again. Everything I had learned, I have learned to unlearn. Everything is a trap and I mean to not fall this time. Keep my eyes high and to the holy sky. Eyes wide, mouth sewn tight, tears I may cry, but I won’t let you hear it.

I haven’t posted a tarot reading interpretation in a while because my heavy heart just doesn’t see the reason why it matters what I say, the world continues anyway. Why waste my breath, my time, the ever increasingly difficult mental efforts in trying to formulate words to express something I don’t actually know, I just feel it in my soul.

HRU invocation and sphinx riddle, tarot spread. 18 April 2020. Spirit Keeper's Tarot deck; Madame Endora's fortune cards.
Spirit Keepers Tarot, first edition. Accompanied by Madame Endora’s Sphinx and the King.

I did the tarot reading and my divine message was 8 swords. I should write a post about it… But I’ve been saying that for over a year and have yet to through. I just often feel like “what’s the point? Who cares what I say, I don’t know anything to say anything anyway.” Heh. 🤖

Publicly declared, so now I have to see it through.

Side note: Ok, last year I did Benebell Wen’s 4 pillars tarot course and it was bloody brilliant. I never posted about the tarot reading I completed because, being a paid course, I didn’t want to inadvertently reveal anything I shouldn’t. Not that I believe I’d get in trouble, but just out of respect for her work and intellectual property, ya know?

Super easy of me to just write about my discoveries, but I am super lazy and for all my well meaning intentions and plans/ideas (I really did intend on writing about it!), I rarely follow through because I’m following the white rabbit… and now following this butterfly… and now following this floating plastic bag.

I forget how much something meant to me previously, well, not how much it meant to me, but I forget how important it was to share the knowledge/experience of the thing.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the reason I bring up that course… the 4 pillars tarot reading uses 25 cards, (out of a 78 card deck) in total… well 4 cards from the 4 pillars reading made up 4 out of total 5 cards… Lemme just show you.

The 4 pillars of my pyramid

  • Queen of Wands is the Golden Shield, the innate power I was yet to master.
  • The work that will most fulfill me is revealed by 5 orbs.
  • 10 of sceptres is the burdened one. That which I must purify and change.
  • 8 of swords revealed through the gate of hades. “Deliver me insight from the deep soil of my mind.

Constellating patterns, the same imagery again. Perhaps it is this way until we transcend the need to be reminded of the lessons. On that note, though, 6 of sceptres here and now is my divine sign of the champion (alternative title for my ENFP personality type, also known as the campaigner…)


HRU, how are you?

Prayer invocation, read write tarot reply.

Completed spread along with the video. As I shuffle the cards, I focus my inquiry and meditative intention:

“what the fuck am I doing? help? what should I be doing? just… something. you know what I mean, I hope. you know what I need. thanks.”

Anti clockwise, beginning at the top. Cards drawn from the top of the deck.

Screenshot of tarot layout from Benebell’s video.
  1. Velleto will, my wand. The beginning. Father of the situation. Measures the intensity of fire. What is it that I really want? Foretells career matters. ‘what’
    • The golden shield. Power and authority of fire. Fire in fire, dignified.
      • Queen of Wands is water (queen) and fire (wands), inner alchemy. Holy moly guacamole. That which I really want was to harness the power of fire and imbue my spirit with it. To be able to protect myself, cleanse myself, and to be recognised as one with authority.
      • This is particularly true in terms of being a high school teacher. Kids might open up to me, but they don’t recognise me as an authority figure. I desired fire to give power to my self and voice, so that when I spoke, they’d heed the weight of my words.
      • Fire fire seems like that part has been activated. 🔥🔥 w00t.
      • In the 4 pillars course, this was the innate power I was yet to master. The power to shield and surround myself with holy fire for spiritual protection. The attainment of glory, light and wisdom.
  2. Audere – to dare, my cup. First form, the power of love. Mother of situation. Measures the intensity of water. Where things are conceived, how fertile is the land from which I wish to cultivate into fruition? Foretells matters of the heart, love, domestics and relationships. ‘why’
    • The burdened one, 10 sceptres. Fire in water, ill-dignified.
      • It seems to be that no matter the state of completion the ideas may be formed, they are never going to ignite to grow for fire cannot spark in water. Water is the element of this space, in order for my desires to take fruition, a catalyst is required. A companion, a cooperative, a creative conversation. Combined efforts, company, confidence booster.
      • You (I) don’t have to do everything on our own.
      • In the 4 pillars spread, this mindset must change in order to grow. Rest, ask for help, slow down, don’t take on too much. Take on less. Learn the lesson of rock and water – when to be firm, and when to yield. This is how to nourish your fertile field. Learn to love yourself, practice self-care.
  3. Sciere – to know, my sword. Power of reason and thought. Borne of Velle and Audere. Measures the intensity of air. Analysis and reasoning, logical progression of what will likely come from 1 and 2. Conflicts present, problems to solve, precise challenges to overcome to get where I want to be.
    • The champion, 6 sceptres. Fire in air, dignified. Pay attention to this message.
      • LOL ALL 3 CARDS SO FAR ARE FIRE. Looks like success in pursuits but at a price. Count your blessings, let that sink in. Enjoy the reward but remember it’s far from over. Warrior woman, sit on your throne, tend to your wounds, stitch to repair, recover your breath, soon enough will be time to swap your sword for a staff – but not yet.
  4. Tacere – keep silent, my disc. Discernment and action. Final incarnation. Measures intensity of earth. Expression of work, product. Action to achieve the success I seek. Natural conclusion after analysis in card 3. What my physical landscape and access to resources look like at the moment.
    • The vagabond, 5 orbs. Earth in earth, dignified. Priority.
      • remember the very first time you worked with this deck and the book of maps? the high priestess and the vagabond visited you then. the goal was to re/build your home in the stars on the land where you roam.
      • uh…. let’s rephrase that. make it less woo-woo and more can-do.
      • actually, not here. keep silent, my dear.
  • Ireunification of the four. Drawn from the base of the deck. The combination of the other 4 cards in a single name. Feel the presence of the emanation. The symbolism forms the language used. a revelation to achieve what i am meant to be.
    • The captor, 8 swords. The name of the spirit form of the 4. I will just write what I wrote in my 4 pillars workbook…

Deliver me insight from the deep soil of my mind…

Djinn of the desert. Freedom obtained by journeying within. Connect down deep to the other kin beneath. Work and weave influence subtly from there to manifest direct change on the upper realms and plains.

Build the empire in the lower realms as place markers to remind and guide the lost back home. Model the world after my world, synchronise and tune and time it against the markers of life.

Swords up and down = 11 = II = pillars, door. 6 horizontal, telekinetic, cut the 4 cords. 4 cords and 6 swords to fill 10 cups, my destiny.

Am I the victim? Is this a dream? My brick-by-brick simulation interpretation… is any of this real? Just… be the mother again? To rescue my inner child? I am not from the wasteland, though that is where I am. I am not hydrophobic, I was captured by the desolate and destitute. The desperate played me. Trapped me because I am just so fucking innocent, stupid and nice; trusting. WHY I DON’T TRUST. Word double play. MOFO.

The lack of balance caused the destruction of all that was good. So the remaining had turned savage in their desperation of survival. Exploit all they could, violate the heart of the good. Trapped and forced to solve et coagula.

Message from my spirit, may the world hear my words.

Start with a strong and persistent desire. Stand tall and firm, guard your soul. Become a pillar of fire, a beacon. Don’t leave your place, you must remain. You are the SENTINAL. Let the people come to you, count the blessings and express gratitude.

Wavering from (w)here you take root will bring on unnecessary burdens which require excessive efforts. To leave your home and yourself behind to follow “the call,” though you may feel yourself in (good or bad) company, you are yoked to the slave’s system of governance.

Fight for what’s right, fight for your self. Take back the throne of your soul. Liberation from your conditioning of such limited living is not without its cost. Blow by blow, bit by bit, self-imposed constraints of your consciousness will be painful to change. Hone your weapon, use the subtle sword to cut the bullshit away.

Do what you need to do, for you. Fuck what it looks like in other people’s eyes. Be honest with yourself, trust yourself if you care. If you’re a practitioner of self-deceit, it will be a relief to your soul to just say so aloud to yourself, no one needs to hear. Admit what you know and do not know, suspend all possibilities for introspection, consider the probability of misguided intentions.

Free yourself from the prison of your mind. Recognise you are the warden, the guilty, the victim and the jury. Boundaries are guidelines for safety and protection. They are boundless in their applications, you decide your limitations.

Do the thingy for yourself, if you want. Follow along.

One final thing, because of my thingy with words…

LIBER – define and associate…

LIBER KYM read left to right. The reverse reads MYK REBIL. Remove the repeated letters of my name, REB, and so reveals the phonetic equivalent of my essence, Mykil.

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