I AM (is) BACK (thanks to you, dear)

3:33 in to the podcast and I have to press pause and rant.

Mother fucking fucker. This is the the magician I referred to in Wolf of Antimony’s post like an hour ago, and the one I mentioned in my post from this morning about my plans for this site.

Honestly, I hadn’t even heard if his stuff until recently, but with so much stuff on the internet, I don’t know who produces what content. And this chaos magic… I would say I am not a chaos magician. I’m not even a magician. I’m just a person. Doing whatever the fuck whenever the fuck, and … shit just works itself out.

And this “chaos magic” isn’t woooooOoooOoooOoOo magic. But it’s beautiful to believe it, to think it and feel it. But essentially.. it’s what I stand by. I never worked chaos magic in my life, I just saw the world as magical. I wanted to believe in magic so I chose to see magic in the little things, big things, essentially everything.

And Benebell Wen wrote in her book Holistic Tarot a bunch of philosophical, psychological and woo possibile explanations for why “tarot and magic” beliefs persist even in this day and age of science and reason.


This is exactly what I want to shove up everybody’s butts and down their throats. Magic is real if you have faith or not. But the words don’t mean anything on paper. You can just replace the nouns with anything….


Pizza is real if you have faith or not.

Pineapple is fruit if you have fruit or not.

Jesus is fruit if you have juice or not.

The words themselves only mean whatever you intend it to mean. Or want it to mean. And that is how we are all magicians, or all gods… Because it is the power of language and the manipulation of all the “coincidences” (that you can muster) to work in your favour.

It’s how much effort you put into shit. That’s what magic is.

And the knowledge about how you fucking did it, and can do it again? THATS GOD-HOOD.

And not being a fucking dickhead about your shit? That’s “jesus“. That’s what that bloody thing he said is all about

I am the way, the truth and the light.


You don’t have to be a scientist to figure that out. Or a mage or a witch. I’m none of those things.

I’m just a chick who does *flailing hands and arms* whatever!

I like to post memes, or make pop culture references because at least I think I’m being funny

But all because I like to make jokes doesn’t mean I’m not capable of doing other things too. Like be able to use my brain to think, or use my body to act, or manipulate my “appearance” to my advantage!

And I know I’m not the only one who’s figured this shit out. It’s what people have been saying for ages. Can’t pick out any specific names but you know, “peace” and “love” and “why can’t we just get along? Won’t somebody please think of the children!” All of those sorts of messages.

And science can shit the eff up. And all the different religions can shut the eff up. You’re both right, and your BULL-HORNED, PIG-HEADED, SMALL-MINDED selves just had to claim that “I’m right, no I’m right. I’m right and you’re wrong”

You know When you face off against each other and look at someone, their right side isn’t on the same side are yours. BUT WHEN YOU STAND TOGETHER, FACING IN THE SAME DIRECTION, there you go! You’re actually both right!


Spread the word. Share this post. (Or the spirit of the sentiment..?)


Kalliope is the NEW christ!

#mmmessiah #kallioperis #kali555

k is for kr-EYE-st

Omg… I just thought of a great slogan and it uses my real name. You know. To use if this campaign actually takes off.

Spoiler alert. My name is Kim Lane.

Yup. I am the lane to the truth and to life. Kim is a gender bendy first or last name. I am so versatile, and volatile.

This lil Kim, just like a different Kim (north korean dynasty), I have my own cult of personality. Join it and become a Kimion. Weee! Now you’re a little more saved than before! Soulja boy go superman, whoa goldfinger!

Originally published under the title Jason Louv podcast #39 (posted last Thursday?) 11 October 2018 // Republished 25 April scheduled for 6 May 2019 // Republished 23 April 2020

Jimbob’s post made me wanna pull this one out of the archives. You can thank the common atheist for reaping the hoodwinked god-jinx thingy up and outta me. Come to think of it, I think I may have another (or a frikken whole bunch, actually) blog post or so related to the ‘good news’ and such… I am yet undecided as to whether I will republish those.

How about I leave it to the crowd to decide if that’s what they want.

(that’s your cue to clue me in to what you want me to do. comment below, if you so care)

5 thoughts on “I AM (is) BACK (thanks to you, dear)

      1. Ah. Now I get you. Oh Wolfgang, in all my writing, I want to believe it. I want there to be truth in my words that resonate with the personal quest within others… like… do I write of me, to me, or for me? I know I am in the middle of crossroads, dead centre. But which story do I narrate, what is the lesson I need to re-teach? People like my posts but I often don’t know why… what was it that they enjoyed or would like to see more of… ugh so many questions lol


      2. Your posts are fascinating and sometimes shocking in a good way. This is what I like. Sometimes they seem in a diabolic way incoherent which they are however not, at least most of the time. I think you bring strings to resonate readers who are open and searching for inspiration. I hope you keep up your lesssons. They are also quite entertaining. So no sweat, all good if I may say…

        Liked by 1 person

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