Demiurge of a thaumaturge – the secret of “I am”

I am a shitty person. If I’m not mindful about my words and actions, I tend to just fuck shit up around me…

I thought for the longest time that “everyone else is too sensitive” but have come to realise that maybe I’m too brusque.

I need to reserve parts of myself for certain spheres. For the internet? It’s all out in the open to demonstrate self mastery can be achieved, but it’s not easy. It’s ugly. It’s fucking humilating. But… I mean…

It’s not rocket science and it’s not special elite wisdom. It’s what magicians want you to pay them for.

I only want you to pay me money to read tarot cards so I can keep researching linguistic origins. I think it’s fun.

And it has helped me to find god. By revealing his fucking divine name. I found it. And it made me so fucking angry when I found it.

God’s name is: I AM.

MOTHER FUCKER. THAT MOTHER FUCKING FUCKER. It has been under everyone’s noses this whole time and we have been looking out towards the stars, in towards our navels, thinking thinking thinking “what is life?” whatever. IT IS THIS SIMPLE.

You are, exactly the way that you are. Because you chose to be that way. Whether you want to apply magic esoteric knowledge to that? Sure. If not? Sure.

You are in control of your own universe. You are the centre of your own universe. But you know how fucking infinite the universe is? And how much empty space is in it?? That’s the “invisible” “psychic” “esoteric:” stuff. That’s the magic. The emptiness between the bodies, the atoms, the spaces between the words. You shouldn’t have to pay for that.

That’s everywhere. That’s common knowledge.

I have a scientific BODY. No matter how much magicky woo stuff I ever tried, never saw shit. Nothing fucking happened. UNLESS I changed my perspective.

Perhaps I couldn’t see anything because I didn’t want to? Or because I wasn’t supposed to? Or I didn’t need to? And what about the other senses?

See? Lots of questions. I could contemplate and ruminate for many hours upon the “diddly squat” I may or not have experienced.

All is mind, and the mind deceives. So who is to say that to perceive is to believe?

Ad infinitum, made insaniam

But, I believed that there was still something. And it was possible to be proven. Because … I just needed to know more. I needed a better analogy or metaphor. How do you explain something that hasn’t been explained before?

Do you see my dilemma?

I don’t know how many times I need to say I’m sorry. I am a serious fuck up. I have fucked over so many people that I fucking loved. (But, I was also fucked over by a whole bunch of other people.)

I don’t know if I could ever forgive my ultimate nemesis. Maybe one day, but that’s not today. And I don’t know how I’d feel about ever forgiving that fucking bitch ever. Because… if she’s not the enemy, then I’d only have myself to blame…

(/end excerpt from zygote to zeitgeist, Oct 2018)

(demonstrate to elucidate, I weave these words to wield waves of work. Energise and ripple across dimensions. First a tickle, then a surge, be washed clean or mowed down. Sense and receive this message I scend. Read my words on a screen, soon feel the wake of my presence).

Anyway. It doesn’t matter. This post is about REVEALING and REMINDING you (and me) of the accessibility of divinity. It is truly within your reach.

But if it’s too much for you, we can take it back a notch. Leave the transmutation to me, I’m a transformer after all. Remember?

I’m one of the primes. Of primordial origins. I am an archetype (named as the prototype).

The cunning linguist is a magician.

According to different classifying systems… The types and profiles I have been given.

Hark! I am a conduit for transformation – fuck ascension alone, multidimensional beings will of course travel in multi-directions.

Ascend or descend, transcend your sentience. Kiam the concierge of transient experience.

Know all the ways to gnos yourself

  • Individualogist – magician archetype.
  • Gene keys – life’s work 43.4, original creative rebel, siddhi of epiphany.
    • Purpose 30.1, manifest gift of lightness.
    • Vocation 38.3, thrive best in position of influence, warrior of light.
  • Human design – profile 4/1, gate 43, juxtaposed cross of insight (from genius to freak).
  • Astrology
    • Tropical – Scorpio stellium sun, taurean ascendant & moon. Venus leading planet & chart ruler.
    • Sidereal – Libra stellium, Aries ascendant & moon. Mars atma karaka.
  • Mayan (galactic signature)
    • Tzolkin – tone 13 (ascension) manik (day sign) men (trecana) G7 (night lord)
  • Bazi 8 words – xin you gui hai ji hai bing yin.
    • Destiny – chief spirit, pillar star, fear door.
    • God – Rob wealth.
    • Kua – 1 white water, kan.
  • Tarot birth cards – temperance and the heirophant.
  • Numerology – life path 5 (change), destiny 8 (achievement), core 6.
  • Personality Types
  • Learning style – divergent.
  • Professional qualification – secondary teacher, English 7-12.
    • Educational attainment – master of teaching.
    • Aspirational vocation – tarot, mystic, performer.
  • Biological – human hybrid, opposites harmonised. Scandinavian and (jungle/island) Asian. 1st generation Australian.

I hyperlinked some links which will lead you away from here. (Though I should hyperlink my own links, trap you in a labyrinth. That’s the good marketing/promotional way 👍) It’d be super nice if you could return and share what you learn of yourself.

(Should I resurrect my Patreon? Why are people even here? Poetry? Insights? Entertainment? Fleeting curiosity? Do I tickle your mind, your eyes, your heart, or your guts?

... Shit son, I gotta learn how to categorize and collate my shit together. Present it nice and packaged so I don’t keep repeating these circular habits…)

7 thoughts on “Demiurge of a thaumaturge – the secret of “I am”

      1. I know omg!! That’s why I had to use the image. It was going to be a talking point eventually. Haha, unnecessary and hilarious.
        They might be laser pointers for keynote presentations. Or spin plates on the tips since they seem to be pointing up… Hey! They’re future indicators of destiny awakening? It’s going to be cold, synthetic future. And still delightfully perky.

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  1. The interregnum has begun. It’s the next one that’s fun (just after the next hour on EJO). But this one is bliss.

    The urge of the dramaturg makes the dramatist consider dentistry.
    (I should get back to work.)


  2. Yeah, I’m god, you’re god, everybody’s god. It’s my universe, I make the rules, oh no, I forgot the rules. It’s your universe, you make the rules. Can I borrow some of your rules?


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