Writing the ineffable name

Made up of 19 individual letters. 15 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated.

The group of 3 is of both the first and the last. The 4th is in the middle, a pair to mirror itself.

Union within hieros gamos brought the worlds parallel, and through them the axis mundi was formed.

Absorption of one into the other, an exchange of energies and consummation of effigies.

They were beside and within and surrounded each other.

It may seem that 4 was lost, but actually it was 5…

He had and has 15 letters in his name, 11 unique glyphs.

Her name could now be written in only 15 letters. 10 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated. 1 is repeated thrice.

Who carries the word in him results in a mountain. Who cradles the word in him, a path.

The golden letter. Kneel, the expensive needle Venus.

Royal fortress in the meadow. Grove of warriors 10. The metal horizon, a germ seed caraway.

The 5 that were lost were not truly lost. Just no longer needed to be physically anchored. So they were let go and into the aether they transcended.

Thugs rje. Compassion. Tibet.

Jhana. Avalokitesvara. Kamalasila.

10 thoughts on “Writing the ineffable name

    1. The ineffable name is the name that is so holy it should not be spoken aloud. To know ones true name is to have power over them. (Whhoooooo mystical)… (tetragrammaton)
      LOL but really, I’m just describing my name is a super mysterious (ultra infuriatingly and in no way practical or useful) way.
      Keep it secret, keep it safe 🧙‍♀️
      And two of me? Like a doppelganger? Ooh fun

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      1. There are some ineffables that are so terrible, they too cannot be spoken. Like with the natives in my area, never, ever, never, talk about Stick Indians. It’s hard even to find much written about them, but I’m slowly working on a post about them (if I dare be that sacri-irreligious)


      2. Ooh I would love to know about them! What are stick Indians? I mean, American Indians aren’t even Indians, so what’s there to get worked up about?
        If you wanna be super sacri-licious, I’m sure I could help bolster your constitution or whatever. This bard-barian of a million (sacri-sanct)antics has equipped me with some sick superpowers (anecdotes)

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      3. Natives have used the English translation for these forested demons, for to use their real name is to call them in. Then, anything in the tribe that goes wrong is the fault of whoever used the real name of the StickIndian

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      4. Ah yeah, the whole “call my name and I will be there” thing. Being tied to the name, like kids who say candyman or bloody mary inevitably summon the entity. Sorta like voldemort, say his name and his death eaters can find you.
        Or like the Jewish god, you must not say his name, so his followers have a tonne of variations or substitute names.


      5. Blasphemy is justifiable fascism. And if god didn’t smite you he’d send his own version of the stick Indian. Islam has them too.


      6. Aren’t they all the same god though? The Abrahamic religions all share the same root deity. The holy trinity of 3 in 1. Yahweh, Jehovah and Allah. I am assuming those are their names anyway.
        When God smites you, doesn’t that make you smitten? Hmm… God is a lonely love/less deity, desperate for validation it seems…
        I may have totally tangented away from the point you were trying to make. Please continue, elaborate.

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