K’s Liminal Academy: 101

The birth of a metalanguage. Herald the fall of Adam, for he learned the language of the lords. The silent cries upon paper, not skin. The words flow through the bony fingers, not the hollow fleshy flaps of the voice. Voiceless velar breaths now stop. Hold on (don’t forget to cease to breathe), this is what I learned through my voyeuristic ways…

Make your mark

In the beginning there is a void. The absence of all is also the presence of none. It is the great potential where any and everything is possible. The precipice of creation rests in the infinite moment.

•  dot

The very first sign of the divine. A blemish mars the pure, either by mistake or design. Perfect potential now requires follow through. From nothing appeared the first mark and from that first mark, the rest of existence grew.

—  line

The very first decision has been made. Movement in a direction to end in a location different from whence one awakened. Any direction holds the same intention, for rules have yet to be established by convention on the page.

Ο  circle

A continuous journey, circumnavigating all possible perspectives on this dimensional plane. Encircle a centre point, forward momentum and return back again. A selection has been made; a portion claimed. Where do you stand, which company do you keep? Are you inside or outside the open eye looking at me? A circular path corresponds with questions of existence. For where does it end and begin? It is a boundary line. The circle binds to itself and creates a division of space on either side.

Dirk Gently, Holistic detective

Symbolic value

In the very beginning, it is necessary to form basic dichotomies to understand what we see. The difference between whether one exists or not depends on if they awaken from sentient slumber. One must have a counter-part for comparison and reflection so it may understand itself and its place; recognise how the like and unlike are both different and same.

  1. The open circle is all and nothing. It is whole that is hole.
  2. Marks existence. There is one, 1.
  3. A point of opposition, there is now differentiation. The duplicate recognizes the other and the separate location. When we see our reflection, we see ourselves outside of the self.
  4. Identify the relationship, cross the divide. Connect the dots with a line.

Everything is the same as nothing, but is a matter of difference of degrees. The binary dichotomy affords the ability to compare. Existence has opposites, this allows for relative stability where one is able to relate whole discreet concepts/constructs within an entire system.

Movement from one position to the other can awaken a whole new perspective. This vibrational movement accelerates the awakening of the spirit in conscious delight, for every degree provides a different position to experience and consider.

Vibrating at a high enough frequency can cause the illusion of spectres like double vision. Beside the splitting of self with excitement, the rapid duplication and replication of these links are bound to cross paths and form a new type of connection. The point where the intersecting bridges coincide forms the first dimensional plane of transcendental transportation.

Coordinate geometry, mathematics come alive with cosmic calculations and permutations divine. The exponential rate of growing expansion provides enough force to manifest form. All chemical matter from an alchemical master.

Mastery is control of the tools of existence.

Mastery is attained over both matter and the mind. Connect the bit and the little as each emanation correlates the basic design, a simultaneous practice exercises efficient educational enterprise. There is universal application for these principles of theory, however knowing that it’s universal does not guarantee you will understand what you find or perceive.

There is correspondent duality to what we think or believe. Everything is and exists as you know it and in it’s opposite. But I must forewarn you that is a false truth for everything is nothing, it has no defined definition. All and none and one and the same, the difference being the inclusion of the end of you flipped and reversed in the beginning.

Life can be understood as a mathematical formula. To understand in this manner requires the observer to be free of judgement and perceive without bias. To be without bias, you must be on the outside so ensure you hold no connections to the thing. As in algebra, you can ascribe letters to stand in for the entities you seek to quantify and qualify.

This laws of (meta) physics can be applied to life. We are vessels as we have physical form, but we are sentient and therefore cannot rationalize the irrational (what we can’t see or move). The irrational is only irrational in the way our primary perceptions and cognition perceives it. In order to comprehend the quantum laws of cosmic mechanics would require us to be outside of the system to observe how it works.

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