Navigating the variables of your human design

For some reason, my blog post about my human design 4/1 profile is my top page/post on this blog. *shrugs* I’m not sure if it’s because it’s about human design, or the 4/1 profile…

Anyway, I’m going with it and have got a bunch of other human design related stuff waiting to be published. I even made a PAGE about it. Check it out here.

This blog post is about the 4 arrows on your bodygraph, and what they mean.

There are 4 arrows which can point either left or right. These 4 arrows are called variables. There are 16 different combinations of these variable groupings.

You can see that on my one, all 4 of my arrows point to the right. But that’s for another time.

These arrows each govern a different aspect, however the direction of them is a key component in understanding the four variables.

In short, left is a representation of a masculine (yang) energy, and right is an expression of a feminine (yin) energy.

We are in an age of transformation from a patriarchy to a more balanced masculine and feminine society, that will include more rightness, more passiveness, more softness, and more magic.

Our generations are a transitional phase. We are a jumbled group of both left and right, both masculine and feminine traits.

The masculine is power. The feminine is magic. The left is all about active direction and strategy. The right is all about passive direction and authority.

The age of Aquarius is about transitioning from extreme engendered polarity to gender fluidity, and fluidity is and of itself is a feminine energy. We are moving from left to right, as a society.

So on your chart, just by glancing at it, you can tell if you have more masculine or a more feminine tendencies. Neither is good or bad, just a part of who you are! This helps you to see what you need to feel supported.

This is the difference between drawing in ballpoint pen, being precise and detailed and structured, or painting with watercolors. Both create masterpieces! Just in very different ways.

The two (red) arrows on the LEFT SIDE of the bodygraph are related to your design and tend to show up in a more subconscious way. This is the body as a vehicle/vessel.

The two (black) arrows on the RIGHT SIDE of the bodygraph are related to your personality and your conscious mind. This is the computer/processing unit that operates your vehicle. This is who you think are you.

So, for reference this is what it will look like on your chart:

Arrow 1 (Top Left, red) Arrow 3 (Top Right, black) Arrow 2 (Bottom Left, red) Arrow 4 (Bottom Right, black)

Arrow 1: digestion

This arrow has to do with digestion, and not just of food, but of information. This arrow tells you how you digest life, how you learn, how you absorb information from the world around you.

If this points to the LEFT ← you actively digest life.

You crave structure and consistency. It is more masculine, firmer, more repetitive, more routine type of energy. You learn facts and take in exactly what is told to you. It is a more logical, factual and precise intake. You are fantastic at memorization and remembering exact details.

This also means that you do well with eating consistently, having a structured meal schedule and you probably want to avoid fasting. You feel supported when you have a routine, when you know what the next step is.

You are a consistent person. Patterns and structure support you living your best life.

If this arrow points to the RIGHT → you passively digest life.

You despise structure! You want the freedom to not be tied town by a routine. You crave variety.

You have a passive mind, which means that you absorb all of the nuances, the connections between the words, and you don’t do well with memorization. But, when asked a question you can respond with an answer that you didn’t even know that you knew.

Your mind is designed to absorb all of the information about a situation, so you may not be able to recall exact details, but you can share insight on the deeper meanings of the situation.

You don’t need to eat the same way every day. If you are craving several small snacks one day, eat that. If you need two meals one day, eat that. If you feel called to fast, your body tolerates that!

Arrow 2: Environment

If this arrow points to the LEFT ← you are here to be observed.

This means that you enjoy having a structured environment. Having a habitat that is consistent supports you being an active participant in the environment and ecosystem.

You get to work in it, improve in it, and be observed doing so by those with a right facing arrow here. You find places that you really enjoy and you are happy to revisit these places.

If this arrow points to the RIGHT → you are here to be an observer of the environment.

You thrive on creativity, and the inspiration of new environments. Having a set environment is not ideal for you. Moving to different locations based on an intuitive “will being here allow me to feel the way I want to feel” is helpful for you. Your thought environment is also fluid.

A mutatible schedule and a mutatible environment (the ability to travel in a whim based on intuition) is freeing and supportive of your creativity and work. You being able to observe a variety of environments feels good to you. You learn from seeing different types of environments in action.

Arrow 3: Awareness

If this arrow points to the LEFT ← you have a strategic awareness

This means that you can recall information very easily. This is a logical mind, this is a structured awareness. You are aware of the facts, you do well with numbers. In psychology this is very much associated with left brain functioning, which again relates to a more masculine, powerful, strong, and factual energy.

You see the patterns, you understand the logic, you like the statistics! You think very factually, and probably get lost when things are being taught to you in a vague and ambiguous way.

Our school systems are currently designed for strategic minds. The way we test is very much designed for this leftness, and that is why more and more people are not thriving in the traditional school systems (because more rightness is showing up in our charts)

If this arrow points to the RIGHT → you have a receptive awareness.

You are a right brained person. You see the creativity, you take in more than just the facts, and you think in artwork, imagination, and fantasy. You probably don’t care about the statistics, or the numbers! You care about the beauty, the hidden meanings, the conversation. And, you don’t like to be asked to recall specific facts. You can EXPLAIN things, but you don’t recall specifics really well.

Arrow 4: Perspective

If this arrow points to the LEFT ← you have an active perspective

To have an active perspective you design it, you consciously structure your ideal perspective and you build it. It is a structured and more of a masculine energy to create the perspective and decide exactly what you want. These are the specific manifestors.

Specific manifestors thrive on the process of choosing what they want, down to the last little detail. The have to have a clear perspective of what EXACTLY they want and need to be excited about the manifestation.

So they have to ACTIVELY choose what they want. They create it. They specifically request what they want. They pursue it.

These are the people who thrive on lists, visualization, and vision boards. Seeing exactly what they want before they receive it builds excitement! In that anticipation they are able to be filled with more gratitude when the desire manifests.

When receiving something that is exactly what they want, down to the last detail, and is absolute everything that they chose is thrilling! It is in this state that they are able to be the most grateful, and therefore hold the highest vibration.

It is a very masculine energy to say NO to things that are not exactly what you want. Now both types of manifestors need to have a balance of both a feminine and masculine energy, to give and to receive is a part of the dance.

If this arrow points to the RIGHT → you have a passive perspective

Non-specific manifestors need to see or experience the desire in full detail, in reality, before they know exactly what they want.

They have a passive perspective. This means that they allow they don’t need to iron out the details of the experience. They need a few general rules, and then they can allow the Universe/ masculine energy to support them in their needs.

These people do well with things like core desired feelings, general affirmations (I am a millionaire for being me), and mood boards with things like: adventure, abundance, luxury, and comfort.

To be surprised with something that they didn’t even know that they wanted, but is absolutely perfect allows them to feel the most gratitude, support, joy, and therefore is the highest vibrational experience.

They feel supported, and spoiled, and loved when the Universe presents them with things that they didn’t even know they wanted.

They don’t need to be specific because they know that their every desire (and more) is already on it’s way. Having to choose what they want feels restrictive sometimes, it feels like a chore. For these people, being general in what their desired life is and allowing all of the details that support that to be provided. It is a feminine energy. It is a surrender of “I want to feel supported and luxurious” and allowing the masculine to provide everything that supports the lifestyle that you want.

You get to be surprised in the thoughtfulness of the Universe, the attention to detail that was put into this gift for you. The gift that is everything you wanted, but that they just knew, without you saying anything, that this was exactly what you wanted and needed.

It is an essence of femininity to be presented with options and be able to choose from the presented options.

Sourced the info from this post on Reddit.

TL;DR? Prefer video?

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