Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

I looked to the sky and wondered the name of the star that was right before my eyes. When I learned it was Spica, I knew my current namesake was near. And holy shit, well whaddya know? I’m too dim to observe, obscured by the lunar glow.

All aboard my thought-train

Round and round my mind I swirl, when/where I stop I don’t fucking know.

Spica speculations

  • Other titles—SunbalaSunbaleSumbela,  from Sunbulah and Al Adhra, Arabic words synonymous respectively with Spica and Virgo.
  • Sibulla, the Singing Sibyl (17th century English orientalist Thomas Hyde).
  • Coptic people of Egypt title Khoritos, Solitary.
    • LOL doritos.
  • The Hindus knew it as Citra, Bright, their 12th nakshatra (Hindu Moon Mansion), figured as a Lamp, or as a Pearl, with Tvashtar, the Artificer, or Shaper, as its presiding {p.468} divinity; and some have thought it the Tistar Star that generally has been identified with Sirius.
  • the Hebrew Shibboleth, the Syrian Shebbelta, the Persian Chushe, and the Turkish Salkim, all signifying the “Ear of Wheat”
    • holy shit. today was super frustrating because shibboleth decided to glitch the shit out. This morning was the first time I had come across that word, and it makes itself known again tonight in another context.
      • A shibboleth is any custom or tradition, usually a choice of phrasing or even a single word, that distinguishes one group of people from another. – wikipedia.
  • In Babylonia, and representing the whole constellation, it personified the wife of Bel, and as Sa-Sha-Shiru, the Virgin’s Girdle, marked the 20th ecliptic asterism of that name, and the lunar asterism Dan-nu, the Hero of the Sky Furrow. It was also Emuku Tin-tir-Ki, “the Might of the Abode of Life”, a common title for Babylon itself.
  • In Chinese astronomy Spica was a great favorite as Kio, the Horn, or Spike, anciently Keok or Guik, the special star of springtime; and with zeta (ζ Heze) formed their 12th sieu (Chinese Moon Mansion) under that title.

sourced from constellation of words.

Other ruminations

  • Menes – The Egyptian form, mnj, means “He who endures”, which, I.E.S. Edwards (1971) suggests, may have been coined as “a mere descriptive epithet denoting a semi-legendary hero […] whose name had been lost”. Rather than a particular person, the name may conceal collectively the Naqada III rulers: KaScorpion II and Narmer.
    • Naquadah is the element used to power stargates. Naquadria is much more potent, albeit really unstable.
    • Quad = four. I guess why the above only has 3.
  • Khenthap’s name means “musician of (god) Hapi“, which may point to a religious and cultic role for this lady during her lifetime. Her name is connected to a god and may link to the king’s title “bull of his mother”

sourced from wikipedia.

I am a horrendous strategist, but even I know any successful campaign is contingent upon the 3 who lead.


The command group of a unit consists of a champion, a standard bearer and a musician.

  • Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden. The crest upon a shield is the herald of that house. All sound is music, if you have ears to hear.
  • My 9 blades come to set the captive free. 9 tailed soul of a kitsune. Spinning tales of from shitty things, turning them into shiny rings. Here you go Solomon, take this magic symbol and these magic beans. If you do the thing just right, your power will be greater than kings.
  • The fruit of the ISFP tree awakened the ENFP mind. The body led the mind astray, so the mind let the body decay. The body is how we can grow and transcend the realm of all that we know.

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