Lot of guardian spirits

Benebell Wen released a thingy where you figure out your guardian spirits using the Tarocchi di Mantegna 1465.

Using the Lot of Spirit from your astrology chart, you match up the sign and house with the corresponding card from the Tarocchi di Mantegna.

Using the correspondences she laid out in tables, here is my Trinitarian force.

Sign of lot of spiritScorpio22 Loica (logic)
House of lot of spirit7th house27 Poesia (poetry)
Planetary ruler of signMars37 Justicia (justice)

I have a few things I want to say and I don’t really know how to organise my thoughts/response… everything (with me and my thought processes, anyway) is so interconnected, it’s hard for me to separate them in any way that gets to the point quickly and succinctly.

But generally, it comes down to the imagery, the names/words, the numbers, and the recurrence of these symbols throughout my memory/life.


Poesia. Like OMG. I’ve blogged about that before, however it was in relation to the asteroid that bears that same name.

I struggled to find much on Loica but seeing as that equated to logic, I supplemented it with Logos.

In terms of Justicia, there are 2 asteroids that bear similiar names/meanings.

  • Justus = lawful, righteous.
  • Justitia = equality, fairness.

Discerning the difference between the two is akin to differentiating between what is considered lawful vs what is considered to be good.

The law is not necessarily just, and to be or do good is not necessarily lawful. The key (as evidenced by the sword and the scales in the card) is in navigating the point of balance.

This is similar to that of temperance, except temperance would be the internal quality whereas justitia would be the outward expression of that quality.


Seeing as I already knew about Poesia, I decided to look up the astrological equivalents of Logic and Justice to see where they lay in my natal chart.

My natal chart with arabic parts and selected asteroids. Astro.com
  • Poesia is right there tightly conjunct my nadir (0°24′).
  • Justitia is in a tight square with my lot of spirit (0°22).
  • Logos is trine Uranus (0°44′), the notorious rebel of the planets.

I thought it was pretty insane that all 3 of my ‘guardian spirits’ lay in my otherwise empty 4th house. The 4th house relates to the home, the foundational roots from which one grows; the home you came from and/or the home you build.

For the longest time I have lamented how empty and insecure I feel at my core. Leo is the sign of confidence and magnanimity. I have so often reached out to others because I hated feeling alone and generally anything to do with myself.

Not knowing where I belonged, I made my home in the hearts of others. Whenever I came across people, I’d try to help them feel better about themselves and push them into the light outside of the darkness where they hid inside themselves.

I’m such a hypocrite because even though I try to get people to see the light within themselves, there’s no light inside me. I am just darkness, hollow and void.

UGH I have to stop saying “I am” because I’m not. I’m nothing.


I wanted to see if there was anything to be discovered by adding the card numbers together.

Loica 22 + Poesia 27 + Justicia 37 = 86.

EIGHTY SIX. 8-freaking-6. Do you remember me telling you about how strongly I associate with this number?

86 & 15.

Calculating my root numbers based on my date of birth.

Numerology calculation using the Pythagorean triangle.

  • 8 + 6 = 14. Which just so happens to also be my tarot birth card. Temperance.
  • 1 + 4 = 5. The hierophant. My life path number.

And to close off this fucking long (and wholly self-centred, not at all helpful) blog post, allow me to remind you what the word hierophant even means:

  • An ancient Greek priest who interpreted sacred mysteries, especially the priest of the Eleusinian mysteries.
    • An interpreter of sacred mysteries or arcane knowledge.

Correspondence tables

Check out Benebell Wen’s blog post for the cards and her insights.

1 ♈  Aritmetricha (Arithmetic)7 ♎ Poesia (Poetry)
2 ♉  Geometria (Geometry)8 ♏ Loica (Logic)
3 ♊ Rhetorica (Rhetoric)9 ♐ Philosofia (Philosophy)
4 ♋ Theologia (Theology)10 ♑ Geometria (Geometry)
5 ♌ Musicha (Music)11 ♒ Astrologia (Astrology)
6 ♍ Grammatica (Grammar)12 ♓ Theologia (Theology)
12 astrological houses signs & 10 classical liberal arts
SignRuling PlanetCardinal VirtueSignRuling PlanetCardinal Virtue
planetary rulers of the 12 zodiac signs & 7 cardinal virtues

14 thoughts on “Lot of guardian spirits

  1. “For the longest time I have lamented how empty and insecure I feel at my core. Leo is the sign of confidence and magnanimity. I have so often reached out to others because I hated feeling alone and generally anything to do with myself.”

    I’m the Leo of your Dreams, come to bring you into the Light of Loving yourself. See yourself as you can see me seeing myself. Use my reflection to paint a better vision of yourself than what you currently hold onto. I promise that loving yourself isn’t going to hurt at all compared to how bad not loving yourself feels.

    There is only good from this moment forward. Let’s fill your HOME with the foundation of LOVE to piece in the cracks and breaks that have developed as your Vessel weathered the storm of life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can you embrace such emptiness for positive reflection? Maybe you are just lucky to have no internal drama.
    “Psychotherapy can only be complete when the organism is no longer compelled to apologize for being an organism—Alan Watts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It depends on my state of mind at the time. I can accept being incomplete, that doesn’t bother me. It is being unsure if I am the skin or the skeleton.
      I have no self activated internal drama, all my drama-rama comes from others reactions to myself, and then I don’t know what of myself to cut away to appease their cries for peace of mind. I break and break inside, behind jokes and smiles, and mend their hurts with some piece of mine.
      Funny you quote Alan Watts, legit only came across that name for the first time the other week/day.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s where I came across him. I was looking up stuff for a poetry class I was covering. And its funny because I totally get what he’s talking about (in what I’ve so far seen/heard), as it mirrors my own thoughts and beliefs. Did you ever read my mythic c.v.? LOL


      1. I had developed all my own thoughts as well, staying expert free and seeing what I could do on my own without being influenced. I was amazed how much of it came together like AW.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve been asked if I had read stuff by Eckhart Tolle because of some stuff I wrote about the power in the moment. I was like “who?” Hah. I also quite gel with Albert Camus.
        I love being validated by other people’s words. I loathe the implications that I couldn’t have come up with these ideas myself.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We can observe these things for ourselves, but everyone reads the “expert” opinion. I’ve still never read an atheist book nor do I watch there videos

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha fucking aye. That’s why I wrote my tirade about being an expert on bullshit. But also just having an opinion on something doesn’t mean shit. There is a shit ton of bullshit nonsense out there peddled by con-artists and salesmen. Give me some of that money and I can weave you a tourniquet to staunch your dying soul. *cross your heart, spit in your eye, shine-shine* special poultice for psyche healing, my anecdotes are the antidotes for human conditioning.

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      5. “In the beginning of self discovery as you prepare for your journey, you don’t really know where to start so you define yourself by the people around you: we learn to censor ourselves to conform to the people around us. We know how to read and write in the language of our parents, we subscribe to the common aesthetic ideals, traditions and practices that we see around us. We are just kids and not yet jaded by the flying fists of fate. Our parents sheltered us and shielded us, protecting us from their own inner demons. They wanted the best for us so that way we could have a better life than they did. In all their effort to protect us, they don’t see the proverbial bruises their tight grip leave behind. They don’t see that their act out their inner demons and inflict new wounds onto their children. The fists of fate are figurative, they are fictional, mere figments of imagination. But it is the imagery, or the sentiment that pique that sensation you feel inside. An invisible force unto form that once inspired curiosity but now evokes fear and dread.”

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