DNA activation or manipulation? Mission of signal transmission.

2005 was a huge year for me in a few different ways. They’re rather trivial reasons, I suppose, but they’re important to me.

I like science fiction, fantasy, satire, dark comedy and psychological horror. I love speculative fiction.

I’m only going to address just one highlight of 2005 in this post.

Threshold (tv series)

The following images are of the DVD cover (inside and outside), courtesy of the copy I have on my shelf, and screencaps I took on my phone.

I bring this show up because there have been a bunch of people online who seem to be spouting ideas of ascension, higher dimensions, signals from other dimensional beings, and dna transformation.

Well this show covered those bases.

This tv show is about a group of people (“The red team”) who are tasked with investigating an alien signal which mutates the DNA of people who are exposed to it.

If you survive the mutation process, you’re essentially bioformed and are pretty much considered an alien. You look human but you have a third strand in your DNA helix… which gives you superhuman strength, senses, intelligence and other abilities.

Watch the series on YouTube. Episode 1: Trees made of glass.

Making it all about me

  • 2005 is the year I met my husband.
  • 2005 was the year a bunch of (significant, IMHO) films and tv series were released.
    • Supernatural, numbers, surface.
    • Serenity, the island, the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, v for vendetta.
  • When taking the photos of the DVD cover, I noticed for the first time that it runs for 555 minutes.
    • That’s my birth time, y’all.
  • It was cancelled after 13 episodes.
  • The episode titles seem to harken to the undertones of our present times. For me, I feel a personal resonance with the titles listed for the first disc… The collective public narrative, however, begins on the second disc.

Disregarding the actual plot of the episodes for the time being, allow me to illustrate the correlation (not causation) between the episode titles and my personal experience of life since 2018.

The Liminal Threshold Stronghold

Disc one: Primordial 2018

  1. Trees made of glass – 2018 I started blogging on WordPress, post-epiphany thanks to the timely playing of the song Through Glass by Stone Sour. After I had been blogging for a couple of months, I noticed I had this weird response every time I read/saw something online to do with trees…
  2. Blood of the children – Timing of unplanned pregnancy correlating with my contemplations regarding energy and sacrifice. The emotional anguish over the spiritual implications as the decision was made. How heavy the weight of my heart to have to make a reality that which was so easy and effortless as a thoughtful conceptualisation.
  3. The burning – 2018 came to a close with my online presence being doxxed and burned. Since I am a stubborn and obstinate bitch, my refusal to bow (or my blissful oblivion… ignorance, arrogance) lead my husband to suffer. I was the unwitting weapon.

Disc two: Personal 20(covert)19

  1. Shock – I’m not shocked, very little surprises me. I’ve lived a lot for someone so young, maybe because I’m small and move through synaptic firewalls faster than most others… turns out I’ve done this before again and again. See for yourself here. (I’m referring to writing lists and laying out timelines… I’m trying to demonstrate my over-familiarity with this time of dreamscape)
  2. Pulse – Though many have tried to end me, my pulse still plucks the strings of my heart, and my brain still babbles rivers of riddles… Last year I beat my dragonfly wings and bled my heart dry thinking my tiny voice could help awaken their minds. How naive to wear one’s heart on their sleeve. (I’m still alive, even if I don’t want to be)
  3. The order – The more I tried to understand, the more frustrated I became. I didn’t know how to define nor structure whatever it was I was trying to describe. I still barely know what I’m talking about, or trying to achieve, or anything really… I think I accidentally initiated the corona virus… 2019 saw my obsession with karmageddon, the number 19, and playing with the letters of the alphabet.
    • 26 letters in the English alphabet.
    • I have 15 unique letters in my birth name, that leaves 11 letters I cannot claim. My birth day is 15/11.
    • There are 7 letters I could reconcile with my name, immediate blood relatives my lineage of light … matriarchal, patriarchal and progenical… COVJD & XP
  4. RevelationsRevelation annotations. Need I say more?

Disc three: Practical 2020

  1. Progeny – I am the progenitor of earth. I am the progeny of force. Primus strike team, we fell to form.
  2. The crossing – Crossing into the 5th dimension, apparently.
  3. Outbreak – COVID-19
  4. Vigilante – people think they’re helping the good fight by joining the fray. LOL.
    • When you have nothing to lose, who cares if you lose?
    • If you have everything to gain, then what price would you pay?
    • Everyone has an agenda, always read between the lines. Listen to what they don’t say. Look with your mind, not your eyes.

Disc four: Prognostical 2021

  1. Alienville – everyone’s an alien when you are Australien.

So… Are you changed? Are you vibrating at a higher frequency in a way that allows you to mind-link with aliens? Do you have dreams of other worlds? Why are you here on earth?

Know what’s real, know what’s fantasy. Whose agenda are you serving by continuing to propagate their stories? Using these words and names without knowing the true weight upon your soul…

Don’t fill in the blanks of your beliefs with your mind, creative imaginings is just a fancy phrase for “lying.”

I mean, how likely is it that I actually had anything to do with the corona virus?

Okay, Annikki Roivainen. Avainhenkilo ystava Anunnaki, sielunasia sydameen kavella angelica archangelica.

Feed it to them. And see if they can metabolise it. LOL

Interpret transmission sigellum.

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