To the wanderer: what do you seek?

I wonder about those wanderers, the seekers who seem to aimlessly roam. Disconnected from themselves, unable to recognise

something to do with home.

How will you know? What signs will you recognise? If you found it, then what? Do you just stop, and plant root wherever you are?

What about habits, your tendencies, the behaviour you’ve adopted, the lifestyle acclimatised.

Can you change the ways you’ve trained yourself to behave?

April 25, 2020.

I’m sitting in the pathology clinic and the news is playing on the tv in the waiting room.

The world really has descended into chaos.

I d3cid3d to scroll through my drafts because I felt like I needed to post something, or see if there was something I had started to write that felt relevant.

I dunno. There was this post and something else about 4th dimensions and endothermic existence.

I decided to go with this one because people have no idea what they’re searching for, they only know they’re dissatisfi3d with their life.

I’m actually really happy in my little bubble of existence with my man and our kids.

Even if the world fucking sucks, my life doesn’t. And I’ve found so much peace in learning to leave the world alone.

Stop trying to affect a change, the world will do as it does. Trying to help only pulls you into the drain-suck and poisons your own life.

That’s something I’ve learned since 2018.

A little song to end this post. Clumsy, by Our Lady Peace.

June 4, 2020.

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