Human design is a synthesis of astrology, the i ching, kabbalah, the chakras and quantum physics into one homogenised system. All of these schools of thought are represented in a single chart called a bodygraph.

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My Human Design Chart

This is my full body graph – the chart of my personality (the black on the right), my design (the red on the left), and the rave mandala (the circle in the centre).


My chart properties
Birth data (local)15th November 1986 @ 5:55pm
Design data (UTC)17 August 1986 @ 8:02pm
StrategyTo respond
Profile4/1 – Opportunist/Investigator
Incarnation CrossJustaposition Cross of Insight (43/23 | 29/30)
VariablePRR DRR (quad right)

Split definition, not split personality

AjnaG centreHead
ThroatHeartSolar Plexus

8 gates create 6 channels

10-34Channel of ExplorationA design of following one’s convictions
10-57Channel of Perfected formA design of Survival
34-57Channel of PowerA design of an archetype
43-23Channel of StructuringA design of Individuality (from genius to freak)
46-44Channel of SurrenderA design of a transmitter
28-38Channel of StruggleA design of stubbornness


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