Warning: Proceed with caution.

I write facts, not fiction. I am not creative although I can recreate. I say speeches, I don’t write them.

I have a post graduate university education, a functional family and a disturbed mind

All stories and narrations and essays and anything really, are entirely 100% factual. Nothing on this website or anything that I wrote could be considered 100% respectful

In case you don’t know, this is your essential guide to comprehending and understanding whatever the hell I’m doing here, in case I am super dooper inconsistent AND unclear about the changes and adaptations…. I’m making this shit up as I go along.

(This shitty page added 24th October 2018, let’s see how long it lasts.)

Kalliope wears a bunch of different hats and utilises a variety of masks in her daily life. This is to protect the world around her from the intensity of light that she contains within. Someone will need to wear sunglasses for YOUR protection.

Meet Kalliope (just call me K, I need no other name) – the mind, mortal & muse behind modernmysticmother.com Khambalia!

  • Mortal – Keyme, just doing stuff, writing stuff, about stuff.
  • Mage – Mercurian mind, quick wit, sharp tongue, nimble individualist.
  • Muse – Scientific spirit, liminal luminousity, unassuming well of wisdom.


Is this some form of trickery? No. But I do love satire.

Mercurian mind, quick wit, sharp tongue.

Etching of Mercury

Huzzah! You found me! Or at least you have found my domain. The fields appear fallow to the apathetic eye, but I invite you to stay a little while. Perhaps if you would care to gaze out unto the wasteland and open your mind to me, you might just see a shimmer of some ephemeral spectre. A mere snippet of my shema, a vision of my unborn empire.

I’ve never been great at doing things alone… I need your help… But are you willing? (to impart some shillings?)

I am but a purveyor of words – I don’t build, I provoke! But here I am, dragged out into the public sphere by the invisible fists of fate; my vulnerability a spectacle for your pleasure. I’m not resentful at all, thought I could allow myself to be. No, the narcissist in me delights in the attention for now I have an audience AS WELL as my own narrative. I was so done wearing the cloak of the NPC, but this life of a protagonist isn’t as glamorous as I’d imagined….

Once I delighted in the alliterative moniker of modernmysticmother. The air moving from my mouth, the corners of my pursed lips curled in a coy smile. modernmysticmother is somewhat of a mouthful. The sound of “M” is actually quite suggestive. It is a sound we make when our bodies experience pleasure or pain. Maybe I’ll shorten it to mmmother…

The O.G. catalyst: Al Kimiya

Words to remember me by.

Scorpio. Taurus. Stubborn. Balanced. Intense. Obsessive. Creative. Cavalier. Sensual. Aesthetic. Provocative. Soothsayer. Wicked. Unassuming. Independent. Boundless. Chaotic. Wise. Inane. Sane. Celestial molecular being.

How did we ever manage to get this far?
Lady Luck’s lover entwined us together…
Why does everything have to be so hard?
Two naked lovers writing together,
bloodying their souls on their shared bed of nails…


What makes you different to any other mystic? the Quest of Qualia

Qualia – the quality of being.

A scientific approach to the study of the mystical arts.

Here is my mythic curriculum vitae. A natural master of the universe embodied within a modern day lady of letters. There’s me, the mind doctor (and there’s me, the mortal muse). Together we’re team Ki.

  • University educated.
  • Happily married.
  • Mother of 2

Jack of all trades master of none. I’d rather be a jack of all trades than master of one.

Bachelor of Arts. Master of Teaching. Major in English, text and writing, sub major in education, sub major in art history and cinema studies.


Metaphilosopher. Material martriarch. Mechanical Matron. Meta-meta-physicist. Micromacro polypolka. Mono-mystic kinesthetic apotheosis.

Wordsmith. Word enthusiast. Mythic (re/de/pre) constructivist. Advocate for educational equity, accessibility of knowledge.

Rational. Spiritual. Intellectual.

  • Independent researcher of phenomena, focus on the physical and psychic coincidence.
  • Representational agents. Alchemical relationship between force and form.
  • Semiotics as a means of encoding and decoding meaning.
  • Understanding as a means of knowledge dissemination through experience, sensation, cognition, integration.
  • Information construction, destruction and reformation.

Philosophical atheist. Figurative goddess. Mortal Muse.

Metametaphysicist. Metaphilosopher. Mecha-magician. Cognitive scientist. Narcissist. Independent scholar. Provocateur. Antagonist. Prototypal archetype: paragon of liminal luminosity.

Angel of death.

  • Illuminator of the obscure. Killer of Cliches. Figurative mother to metaphorical mutants. Seer of symbols, showing the signs.
    • Psychopath. Sociopath. Empath… Neuro-path?
    • Facilitator. Mentor. Guide. Support.
  • Expertise obtained through active and continual observation, participation, representation, creation.
  • Anti-christ.

Typical Signs Typecast

  • Path. Trail. Track. Bridge. Lane. Way.
  • Provocateur. Secret Weapon. Antihero. Villain. Foil. Femme Fatale. Inspiration. Trickster. Hybrid.
  • Scout, rogue, bard.
    • Use of hats, masks, voices. Setting, ambiance, atmosphere.
    • Preform & perform for performance authenticity.
    • Motivation, intention, purpose
      • Inform, persuade, entertain… Promote?
    • My rider dictates I require: Recognition. Gratuity. Acceptance.

Long time fan. First time creator.Need help with the refinement of architecture, fabrication, construction, activation and maintenance of this… scientific, secular, and skeptical library … what should be free and accessible for all. Giving legitimacy to metaphysics.

A home for creativity.

Bring the Akashic Records to the ground!


Cognitive science

  • Philosophy, psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, anthropology, linguistics.

Metaphysics (meta-meta-)

  • Divination, esoteric, exoterica, prisca theologia, occult, religion, spirituality, ontology, psychic phenomena, correspondences,
  • fact vs truth, contextual understanding, healing, independence/automation, regulation of involuntary systems, universal laws, accepted theories, innovation.
  • Space, time, transcendence, coincidence, fate, mythology, mortality, deification, anthropomorphism.
  • Language, knowledge, understanding, experience.
  • Ethics, morals, ideology, philosophical schools of thought


  • Theory, practice, communication, how information is shared and received, information storage, access and retrieval, learning processes.
  • Semiotics. Languages. Evolution of ideas. Liminality.
  • Etymology. Epistemology. Psychoanalysis. Physiology and psychology. Psychiatry.


  • Concepts of self, other, public, private. Identification, qualification, accreditation, certification. Trust, worthiness, power dynamics.
  • Cultural influences, nature vs nurture. Populace. Civilisation and savagery.
  • Perception. Perspective. Delineation of knowledge, information, relationships. Conceptual constructs.
  • Inference, influence. Manipulation, mastery. Magic. Ideas, beliefs, choice theory.
  • Psychopaths, sociopaths, disorders, dogmatism, dictatorships, torture, pain.
  • Pleasure, love, happiness. State of mind. Give and take. Interplay.
  • Work, rest, play, community, responsibility, limitation, growth, association, appropriation


  • Why anything. Who what when where how why. Then there their they that this
  • Questions quest query. Purpose, position, ploy, play
  • Games, design development construction test evaluation adaptation simulation distribution dissemination
  • Design, Creation, technology, engineering, maintenance, function, ergonomics economics sustainability
  • Geography, topography, typography, interface, navigation
  • History, memory.
  • Words.