The main theme for me to learn in 2021: transformation

Got a new Oracle deck for Christmas from my sister in law. I looked through the deck and thought it was very pretty and unique. It's based on gemstones and the artwork of the cards have a woman's face with ornate jewels surrounding it. In the booklet it says it's good to carry the stone … Continue reading The main theme for me to learn in 2021: transformation

Language of Adam

I have been watching Lovecraft Country and my heart is tight in my chest. The language of Adam is a major thing in this show and my mind just went to a post I wrote (originally written in 2018, but I republished it here last year) called the fall of Adam. And there's also the … Continue reading Language of Adam

They revisit Venus via reversals

℘ Venus turning retrograde feels like home. It has been 585 days since last we spoke. κ It is almost like the retrograde brings us together. I didn’t quite realise it had been that long. I’ve been learning to count days and look for patterns in the cycles! ℘ And what have you gleaned? κ I already knew I … Continue reading They revisit Venus via reversals

Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

I looked to the sky and wondered the name of the star that was right before my eyes. When I learned it was Spica, I knew my current namesake was near. And holy shit, well whaddya know? I'm too dim to observe, obscured by the lunar glow. All aboard my thought-train Round and round my … Continue reading Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

When she was just 17…

If you know what I mean, then you'll know that the way she smiles disguises her disrepair. Heathers, the musical - Seventeen I'm sharing with you something I wrote 858 weeks ago, when I was 17. Why am i sharing it? Because... I don't remember. It felt relevant somehow... that I understand what its … Continue reading When she was just 17…

If the only room you roam is your home…

Social distancing - I don't know whether to make a joke, stir up dissent, or just exaggerate obtuse oblivion. Regardless of whatever response I choose to enact, social distancing is a shitty thingy that has been thrust upon society by the ruling parties and we must follow. I don't really mind, I like being separated … Continue reading If the only room you roam is your home…

There is no end

Lecture" Everything just continues to exist, forever and ever. It is unrelenting, it is unforgiving, it is unyielding. Time and space and consciousness... Holy fuck, will it never cease? Oh yeah, it's all so liberating, whatever blah blah... People seem to feel empowered by the vast eternity, the inunerable possibilities that life grants them... Well … Continue reading There is no end

The leak project – ripping apart of galaxies M86. My galactic self, the titular galaxy of the video by the conspiracy scientist. I didn't expect that when I clicked to view. Yet another way to remind myself of everything I hate. I cannot escape my mistakes. Of course that's not actually true. The cosmic phenomenon we observe does not actually have anything … Continue reading The leak project – ripping apart of galaxies

Caution advised

Can you keep a secret? Do you promise not to tell? Cross my heart, hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye. Zip my lips, lock it with a key. Forever safe if I throw away the key. This thinking gives false security, it implies locks and gates will last indefinitely. Indefinitely is … Continue reading Caution advised

Have you forgotten that I am the muse?

7 June 2019, 9:29pm. Leo the lion is a little pessimistic, so all you other tilting mindmills be aware. Turn back the sands of the thinking cogs, let not your face give you away. Don't blink. Keep one eye open at all times. Dont trust the cries of an angel. Eye to eye a steep … Continue reading Have you forgotten that I am the muse?