feel me beyond the pane

I have to get past my own perfectionism. I have to face my trepidation head on. I have to walk through the door of fear, the threshold of my destiny. I do not have to do anything, I suppose. I must. Thus, behold, the mountain path has revealed itself. Carry on. Wayward suns and moons, … Continue reading feel me beyond the pane

Opening songs for the new world

Meander through my fields Elysian whilst I petition for your promotion out of the Ashphodel citadel. The esoteric and exoteric correlation: personal correspondences acting as representational agents for (recognising and facilitating accessibility) divinity!? I recognise that my blog lacks a clearly defined message. Shit, son, it lacks a friggen direction! Legit it is a zigzag … Continue reading Opening songs for the new world

My mind is a stereo, if you would believe

And I'm running out of rope, don't know how I can cope being so unsure of what I've done... What have I done? No, I am. As king, if music be the food of love, I command you accept or accede to go your own way. This is my road, I helm the movement of … Continue reading My mind is a stereo, if you would believe

I’d come for you, but ask me first is all you have to do

Crazy, I'm crazy for scrying, crazy for trying, and you're crazy if this makes sense to you. 12:48 pm, 36% battery.Multiples of 12. 1 4 3Time lapsed through song at 1:43143 = I love you. (Back when I was a teenager, that was what 143 meant anyway)4:22 song duration. 4 is the emperor, tarot major … Continue reading I’d come for you, but ask me first is all you have to do

Songstryx Through Glass

It is the 28th of September 2019. Happiest of musical memories to you one and all. Oh boy, there are so many songs I want to sing, if only I could sing. Or felt like ... any invitation wasn't just some placated response to my fishing. Music speaks to me, and with my head like … Continue reading Songstryx Through Glass