Writing the ineffable name

Made up of 19 individual letters. 15 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated. The group of 3 is of both the first and the last. The 4th is in the middle, a pair to mirror itself. Union within hieros gamos brought the worlds parallel, and through them the axis mundi was formed. Absorption of … Continue reading Writing the ineffable name


I will not be possessed The only spirit I want to house within me is my own. God sounds like a necromancer. . I’m broken and I need Nothing. I need no one. Or rather, I need too much. I hate that I need anything at all. If it takes forever, I’ll die trying to … Continue reading Ascete

On the road again

I've been down here before,Trail was blazed long ago.Left my self to find me again.Hear my voice, it tells mewho I am and used to be.Reclaim the ghost holy free.Sund aughter sun My name rose me out of the sea.Rise up withstand face the againstI found my shadow bright as dayMorning star to lead the way.Left … Continue reading On the road again

I am and my way with words

I’m a teller of stories, I’m a singer of songs.An oracle of omens, a re-writer of wrongs.I’m an archetypal essence of both my ego and shadow.The oracle of Sydney shares her wisdom with the world.A wailing, blinding siren, I am the Spin Doctor. We are dumb and there are plenty of self-named experts who claim to … Continue reading I am and my way with words

One eye blind

Cataract clouds the one seeing eye. Odysseus, the cyclops is blind, there's no need to hide. Come out, come out wherever you are. Kalliope is and was the black chandelier that crashed to the ground, in your sleep. You can still hear her singing of the nighttime knightand the knife fight fought in shadows and … Continue reading One eye blind


forgotten, am I? You promised you'd start again at the count, to turn around, come pick me up. bypass over my head. a laugh, giggle, and stolen caress. did you ever once look down from the peak of your crown? why do I look up? I must stop check for your return, you never promised me anything. I put … Continue reading reviolatise

Mark my words, X marks the spot

I will slay all words and lay them before you here, at our feet. The weapon I wield is the subtle sword, I keep behind my teeth. Words are useful tools, they are the living vehicles of evolution. With our words we are able to share the views of our worlds. A vista of vision, … Continue reading Mark my words, X marks the spot

Queen K of the Summer Empyre

When I am queen I will not wait, my body type will still be great, I will not leave it up to fate because I hate you too // When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury, the glitter sores will heal themselves, I'll play the part of someone elseJack … Continue reading Queen K of the Summer Empyre