God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.

This technological age is the perfect environment in which to demonstrate... Remember today's date (the 5th of April, one day after the celestial 444 special), know where we are. The past will come rushing forwards and soon bowl us over. To not be washed away, erect a strong pillar to cling. Oh hey, Ling-Ling! What's … Continue reading God is a girl, and she’s a time lord.

The girl that never grew up.

I grew up in the real world. I certainly am not an adolescent teen strung out on hormones, searching for acceptance from faceless, spineless people who are merely here due to circumstantial convenience rather than actually wanting to be friends with me. I matured physically and intellectually because it was an inevitability, it is the … Continue reading The girl that never grew up.

Metaphors are vessels, carriers of meaning

Now I am talking about metaphors, metaphorically. LOL or rather I mean FIGURATIVELY. It is not a literal, physical container, but instead metaphors are symbolic vessels which carry meaning. Metaphors REPRESENT concepts, or ideas, or feelings, or something! It is the captured essence that is communicated by the expression, with the intention of it to … Continue reading Metaphors are vessels, carriers of meaning

Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

It started out with trying to find a way to express my thoughts about the paradoxical relationship between freedom and slavery. I do not know what is better, or where I would prefer to be in this whole existence matrix... I do not know... But, like every seeder, I will leave here for you the … Continue reading Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

A quick overview of recurrent themes, symbols and motifs in my recent studies and writing. You know, since doors and gates and paths get all entangled, it helps to have some signs or reminders so we can trace our steps. retrograde rebels of my natal chartChiron retrograde in geminimercury retrograde, ruler of Gemini, in the … Continue reading The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

Are you confused by what I post?

Don't worry. I am too. This is the way I am, and I am trying to make sense of my self. So I scry into my name, shuffle the cards. Then I deal out some cards, counting out the Pythagorean value for each letter Evoke the vowels when atop the mountain. The sound resounds, listen … Continue reading Are you confused by what I post?

thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

Every CULT have their rules of laws. Here are mine. Last year (2018) I had my own cult of personality lovingly referred to as my cok. COK - CULT OF KIM. Talking with my soular shadow's reflection, it's fun seeing where our soulprints line up in each other's lives. She embodies the light of the … Continue reading thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

6619 – Pithom

A collection of words I recorded during my time at Pithom. The city of justice. Because im coming rushing in and holy shiznit are you going to hear it. Hark the herald angels sing, for מְבַשְּׂר֗וֹת is back, back again. Shady's back, back, back, tell your friends. Guess who's back, guess who's back, guess what? … Continue reading 6619 – Pithom