To the wanderer: what do you seek?

I wonder about those wanderers, the seekers who seem to aimlessly roam. Disconnected from themselves, unable to recognise something to do with home. How will you know? What signs will you recognise? If you found it, then what? Do you just stop, and plant root wherever you are? What about habits, your tendencies, the behaviour … Continue reading To the wanderer: what do you seek?

Why aren’t more people like me? FIGJAM!

In the "real world", the physical world, right here right now (god, I should fucking come up with a better, more clear way of delineating different versions of reality and places...)... OMG. So, "off-the-net" (that's now what I will call the real world. LOL) I'm a pretty extroverted person. I'm silly, annoying, I'm really TOO … Continue reading Why aren’t more people like me? FIGJAM!

The worst prophet for profit

There are many things I could say to redirect your attention or reframe your headspace. Muddled minds, hollowed hearts, programed brains, souls controlled need to be cleansed. Let's wash your brain squeaky clean, spit shine your synapses to sparkle like mine. Propaganda and prophecies Scholastic, fantastic! CCC (333) F-me. A premature 2019 reflection Back to … Continue reading The worst prophet for profit

Some debts I’ve yet to pay

Suleiman - a digital reading of one of my poems.I think there were a few that it came down to. X marks the spot, antigenesis, and another I don't remember.Me singing a version of Frank's Charlie Reading Cynthia for Echo.Onomastic thingy for Mantis. Mantis was so kind to take me up on my offer of … Continue reading Some debts I’ve yet to pay