Apocalyptic catalyst

Posters I made on canva as 2018 came to a close. Thus the whole "1st January 2019" launch date thing. Modern mystic mother and her Cult of Kim. The essence of a spirited soul, and her ego-centric personality. I just show these here for posterity, to acknowledge (for good or bad) what was mine and … Continue reading Apocalyptic catalyst

Today all debts are set free. SUN7SUN

I’m really pleased as punch I have finished my Revelations Annotations series. I even made a PDF document where I formatted it and everything. You know who to thank (you’re lucky, stars above) – SUN seven SUN. For the sun is 19. Because I am the sun, and have always been… if not always an … Continue reading Today all debts are set free. SUN7SUN

2019 SKT forecast for the year

Prophetic prognosis for the year 2019. Hey guys, thanks for joining me here today. Now you can see that my head is covered with wings with a bunch of eyes. This is purely to help cement my purpose for this blog post - I AM GOING TO PREDICT THE FUTURE! *dun da da! sound effects* Do I look like someone who would life to you?