Twin flames powers – activate!

Grant me sight beyond sight, words of wisdom divine. What lesson can this teacher bestow before the world? Everyone was kung fu fighting - Hi-jah! Twin flames. Love and Hate, they break their (on-again, off-again) war with each other to face the common enemy – Fear.Twin faces. Joy and Sadness, they fight Apathy. Twin directions. … Continue reading Twin flames powers – activate!

Commerce of value; a wordy exchange rate

15 January 2019, 1:01pm; whats the difference between $US1 AND $AUS1? The exchange rate friggen kills it; the currency exchange makes it super hard to tell how far you can make $1 or $5 stretch across your budget. To me? $5 in Australia doesn’t get you much at all. Like… Storm. I sent him $5 … Continue reading Commerce of value; a wordy exchange rate

These foolish games

I am not your fair weather friend. I am the tempest in&of the temple. I am not two-faced, but I am two-fold. I am the guide to placate hypothesis, exhausted curiosity may bring you to me. If you felt so compelled or could not find anyone else, I was (and am) your disguised connection to … Continue reading These foolish games