Chronomancy for persephone

Another fun little thingy from the past. Chronomancy in this day and age sure is a shit ton easier than before. The practice of soul retrieval is an easy enough exercise, but it takes great patience and many tests of skill to master it. Memories are crucial for this to work, combined with sensory triggers … Continue reading Chronomancy for persephone

Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Disclaim! I, skabaren K (the evolvement of skibbo), have stitched together another skaab. I want to thank Rondut for the beginning of the spark that set this bad bitch on fire. I start with humour, to mask the conjuration of swirling dark forces spinning beneath the event horizon. The greatest love story Australia has ever … Continue reading Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Look into my eyes amd you will see what I was meant to be.

There is no such thing as beauty, freedom, truth, nor love. Not in this form. Not on this earth. Not that you now know. Get bent. Gentle man. Put that glove on my hand. If the creases do not show, you'll have to fold the manifold over all valves. Dehydrate to make old and dusty … Continue reading Look into my eyes amd you will see what I was meant to be.

Whoa machete betty

I am alive. I am buried beneath this mountain of awareness coupled with a sense of responsibility. I am completely powerless as I radiate my light in all directions, I feel it all. I am so overwhelmed with emotion, I cannot possibly know where to begin. Zatanna Zatara sipping on gin and truth, babe, from … Continue reading Whoa machete betty

What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

I am obsessed with names. They often precede oneself as such with recognition and reputations. Names are nouns, identifiers for people, places and things. I am a person, I am a place, I am a thing. I am all 3 of these in one unified whole. But I am also none of these things, for … Continue reading What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

Who do you think you are, Old Spice? Spice Girls - Who do you think you are? The race is on to get out of the bottom / The top is high so your roots are forgotten / Giving is good as long as you're getting / What's driving you it's ambition and betting / I said who do you think you … Continue reading Who do you think you are, Old Spice?

Conspiracy: hiding in the musical cacophony. Papa Roach: Tightrope My words are weapons in which I murder you with. Please don't be scared, please do not turn your head. We are the future, the 21st century dyslexic, glue-sniffing cyber sluts, with homicidal minds and handguns. We are insane, nothing will change. There is a fine line between what is good … Continue reading Conspiracy: hiding in the musical cacophony.

Borderline personalities, disorderly factory.

Whose story is worthy of reading? Are you ready to decide which side of Libra's scale to cast your lots? The weight of a bleeding heart on the winds of scalar feathers. 1, 2, 3 for 5. All my 4's are structural. Dr. Kalliope Veign, PhD in spin doctoring. Snaketale salesgirl, she has a cure-all … Continue reading Borderline personalities, disorderly factory.