Revelation Annotations 02 (alchemical lexical tangent)

Se11e7en, divine convenience. I will warn you now, the following blog post went for a ride and it's quite disheveled inside, now. Part biblical, part exegetical, part symphonic heretical. Dude, get my car.bah... carry me away. I'm too stupid grinning to be a responsible ophanim, driving. I can see what you see. I place it … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 02 (alchemical lexical tangent)

Writing the ineffable name

Made up of 19 individual letters. 15 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated. The group of 3 is of both the first and the last. The 4th is in the middle, a pair to mirror itself. Union within hieros gamos brought the worlds parallel, and through them the axis mundi was formed. Absorption of … Continue reading Writing the ineffable name

I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures I have less than 7 years to complete this task and to do it well. I can only move tomorrow, had to take handicap to make it fair to play. I gave part of myself to yesterday. There's no looking back now. I cannot waste time reflecting upon an empty membrane, I only have … Continue reading I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures

Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

This post contains my response to Benebell Wen's latest installment of her video series Sightsee the Tarot: tarot keys for your birthday. Completed 18 May 2019, using the Spirit Keeper's Tarot. I haven't completed the journaling prompts (at the end) as of yet, but have put the questions here so you could do the interpretation … Continue reading Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

A throw back hologram to revive the vision of the condition your planetary heads of state. Located them wedged deep within the confines of their headspace, such fools for their hubris, thinking they could lose me from the scent of the scene I scryed and had seen. Do you think you could out match me … Continue reading They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

Songbird signals the sleepers to seek

Well done. You dreamed a dream and in comes your remedy. I heard your cry when you fell down. You heard not my words though you watched the lips of my mouth. Look up when you're down, stand up for yourself. How many battles have we thought we had won? The messier it gets as … Continue reading Songbird signals the sleepers to seek