They revisit Venus via reversals

℘ Venus turning retrograde feels like home. It has been 585 days since last we spoke. κ It is almost like the retrograde brings us together. I didn’t quite realise it had been that long. I’ve been learning to count days and look for patterns in the cycles! ℘ And what have you gleaned? κ I already knew I … Continue reading They revisit Venus via reversals

Lot of guardian spirits

Benebell Wen released a thingy where you figure out your guardian spirits using the Tarocchi di Mantegna 1465. Using the Lot of Spirit from your astrology chart, you match up the sign and house with the corresponding card from the Tarocchi di Mantegna. Using the correspondences she laid out in tables, here is my Trinitarian … Continue reading Lot of guardian spirits

Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

I looked to the sky and wondered the name of the star that was right before my eyes. When I learned it was Spica, I knew my current namesake was near. And holy shit, well whaddya know? I'm too dim to observe, obscured by the lunar glow. All aboard my thought-train Round and round my … Continue reading Tomorrow, the curtrain will fall. Revealing all you already know.

Revelation Annotations 03 – Wheelchair for the Lamb

Open wide, come inside, it’s play school. Good News, weak. Chapter 4 – The throne of god is the Merkabah. 1After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 03 – Wheelchair for the Lamb

Avatar of Khambalia

Every name that I have chosen with care. I am an adherent of the qualities of the existent determine the word most befitting to be cried. Fixed star chart, Khambalia - the name sounds similar my name... KiMBerLyA. Descendant - what one seeks in a partner; it is that to which we gravitate. It … Continue reading Avatar of Khambalia

Are we called to witness, or war?

Where will you be when the walls come crumbling down in the citadel that you live/loathe/love? One day while the people pray, a small voice will stop to ask you what you did that sent you away? So here we are on opposing sides, a line was drawn to divide our minds. A reflection of … Continue reading Are we called to witness, or war?

Inanna isis under

24th was the new moon in Pisces. Let's make some magic... I guess. Are you ready? Because... I'm not really ready. But it doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not. I'm in the hands of the heavens, on the face of the earth, and I'm going under. Evanescence - going under And so gods … Continue reading Inanna isis under

Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

I've been really at war with myself lately, engaged in this inner conflict about continuing this blog and what I want to achieve. I have many half-started entries and ideas only I never actually complete anything because I eventually crumple under all my self doubt. I do nothing without a justifiable reason, I am lazy … Continue reading Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

Blood pigs, boson higgs

You can save it with our con science. Can you recognise where to enter the reflex-andro-pastiche? The cypher is the key, mise Camenae told me. Western astrologyScorpio sun sign and stellium, descendant.Mercury the guiding planet. Venus the leading planet, both retrograde.Both were in the early morning stages of their retrograde cycles.Thus their archetypal figures, in … Continue reading Blood pigs, boson higgs