A summons to reveal 1 of my trinity

I am a lazy mother hugger and cosplay is something I have only ever low key participated in. Mere homages to ideations, characters and features I desired to pay small tribute to. They were all just mere token displays that only meant something to me, but here before you I reveal my truth. Zatanna Zatara … Continue reading A summons to reveal 1 of my trinity

Your friendly neighbourhood occupants

She slammed the empty glass down on the kitchen counter and wiped the cordial from her mouth. "Ready?" He places his empty glass besides hers. "Heck, yeah." They ran through the kitchen doorway, down the narrow hall and out through the front door. Their bicycles were baking out on the dry lawn. They straightened up … Continue reading Your friendly neighbourhood occupants

Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

7 September 2019 @ 10:07pm; I am his prized Barbie girl: interactive and malleable. Neuroplasticity is effing ineffable. 19 September 2019 @ 10:09pm; holy shrink what a co-winky-dink. How's that? Shit I'm sorry for evoking your spirit in the middle of a shit? 25 September 2019 @ 9:01pm; say something beautiful, say something that is … Continue reading Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

I am obsessed with names. They often precede oneself as such with recognition and reputations. Names are nouns, identifiers for people, places and things. I am a person, I am a place, I am a thing. I am all 3 of these in one unified whole. But I am also none of these things, for … Continue reading What’s in a name? Plenty of potential

Break my bread of life with me.

this is my bread and butter. Eurasian in Australia, hallelujah finlo-leia. (Finnish father, Filipino mother.) https://youtu.be/ZgVV9XQyI2Y Protect the key at all costs. Storm, ionise the gates. ECHO, BREAK APART AND SPLINTER THEIR HEARTS. If they want a war, let's give them what they are asking for. But the gates must remain open to give them … Continue reading Break my bread of life with me.

Twin flames powers – activate!

Grant me sight beyond sight, words of wisdom divine. What lesson can this teacher bestow before the world? Everyone was kung fu fighting - Hi-jah! Twin flames. Love and Hate, they break their (on-again, off-again) war with each other to face the common enemy – Fear.Twin faces. Joy and Sadness, they fight Apathy. Twin directions. … Continue reading Twin flames powers – activate!

Forgotten dreams

19 March 19 I really should keep a dream journal, again. I should write in it as soon as I wake. The only thing I remember from my dream last night was to remember the word asphobel or ashphobel or… something like that..? Ashphodel? I don’t even know if these are real words. It was the first on … Continue reading Forgotten dreams