One eye blind

Cataract clouds the one seeing eye. Odysseus, the cyclops is blind, there's no need to hide. Come out, come out wherever you are. Kalliope is and was the black chandelier that crashed to the ground, in your sleep. You can still hear her singing of the nighttime knightand the knife fight fought in shadows and … Continue reading One eye blind

Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?

The Whiskey emailed me a youtube clip regarding some misguided folks converging upon a point in the desert, and the number 2. Why was I shown this clip? Because that was the day I drew the cards regarding the two little witches, Gabe and the Nautilus Heir. That post was heavily edited, I left out … Continue reading Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?

Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a sprite surprise. If you go down to the river to pray, the answer to an undisclosed notion will spirit you away. For every Pegasus or Alicorn knows that the alkimyst gets whatever she wants. The holy ghosts are going to have a cavalcade. … Continue reading Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

I can't type fast enough. their thoughts and conversations supersede the speed of my own thought and fingers to transcribe the wisdom that they so casually drop when they speak. Forgive me, humanity. I must take these down in dot points for to transcribe (and impart contextual knowledge) in real time, I lose most of … Continue reading Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

Zero to Nemo (part one)

Thank you. Your words and your friendship has given me the wherewithal to go ahead and publish this particular wordy ramble I have had stored away in my digital documents. This will be the first of 4 parts, the rest I will schedule for each to be published after 24 hours has passed. Giant stepping … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part one)