Lot of guardian spirits

Benebell Wen released a thingy where you figure out your guardian spirits using the Tarocchi di Mantegna 1465. Using the Lot of Spirit from your astrology chart, you match up the sign and house with the corresponding card from the Tarocchi di Mantegna. Using the correspondences she laid out in tables, here is my Trinitarian … Continue reading Lot of guardian spirits

Revelation Annotations 01

Think of this as the first chapter. The previous piece as the introduction. Please be respectful. I'm the only one allowed to piss people off. It's my playful charm, my youthful facade and petite stature that lets me get away with shit. Subterfuge the deluge, I remove the veil of theurge. Learn from my mistakes: … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 01

Can you trust your senses? Visions/vision, and the versions we believe.

Eye espy sights, lights, skies and spies. Planets and moons way up high reveal our truths whilst planting lies. Guard yourself (your soul) against deception from any direction. He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He watches you when you think you're alone, the original peeping Tom. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMOGaugKpzs Hold your head … Continue reading Can you trust your senses? Visions/vision, and the versions we believe.

A message from HRU & the Sphinx – Sightsee the Tarot

2000+ words. Kinda long. But please, if you so please, try to read the whole thing. I've kept the wordplay headings to a minimum in my revision. I still think this is (my mind & I am) a mess to try to represent... context begins here Tarot queen supreme shared this tarot activity and I … Continue reading A message from HRU & the Sphinx – Sightsee the Tarot

The old “I got your nose!” trick

It makes perfect sense. Doesn't it? You have to let something go to take on something new. Cutting cords from that which does not serve you. Sniffing for snuff And it won't be the only thing I'll be taking... You better believe it. I do have your nose. I have all the noses that those … Continue reading The old “I got your nose!” trick

Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

This is an example of just writing to get shit out of your head. I’m going to use my meta-meta-awesome-bullshit skills of TEACHING to turn every fucking thing I ever do into a teachable moment. It’s all part of the learning process. It’s unedited, unrefined, narcissistic blah blahs about my own personal bullshit. I’m an … Continue reading Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?

The Whiskey emailed me a youtube clip regarding some misguided folks converging upon a point in the desert, and the number 2. Why was I shown this clip? Because that was the day I drew the cards regarding the two little witches, Gabe and the Nautilus Heir. That post was heavily edited, I left out … Continue reading Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?

Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

I can't type fast enough. their thoughts and conversations supersede the speed of my own thought and fingers to transcribe the wisdom that they so casually drop when they speak. Forgive me, humanity. I must take these down in dot points for to transcribe (and impart contextual knowledge) in real time, I lose most of … Continue reading Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

Zero to Nemo (part four)

Conflicted intentions (July 31, 2019) When I first came here, my intention was entirely self-centred as I was merely after a place to vent my mental gas-bag. I was just talking crap out into the blogosphere, not thinking that anything I said would garner attention. As soon as I noticed people notice me, I started … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part four)