DNA activation or manipulation? Mission of signal transmission.

2005 was a huge year for me in a few different ways. They're rather trivial reasons, I suppose, but they're important to me. I like science fiction, fantasy, satire, dark comedy and psychological horror. I love speculative fiction. I'm only going to address just one highlight of 2005 in this post. Threshold (tv series) The … Continue reading DNA activation or manipulation? Mission of signal transmission.

Revelation Annotations 07

Chapter 8 – The 7th seal and 4/7 trumpets Really, isn’t this the part that we’ve all been waiting for? The broken seals from too much drinking and the waters were finally able to be released during intermission! So, we are back in black and now we’re ready to dance. It’s the musical interlude! Shit … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 07

Revelation Annotations 06 – intermission

Chapter 7 – Intermission for part one of this trilogy of trials and tribulations. Take a bathroom break as the chorus change their costumes and ready themselves for the apocalypse spectacular! After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 06 – intermission

Your friendly neighbourhood occupants

She slammed the empty glass down on the kitchen counter and wiped the cordial from her mouth. "Ready?" He places his empty glass besides hers. "Heck, yeah." They ran through the kitchen doorway, down the narrow hall and out through the front door. Their bicycles were baking out on the dry lawn. They straightened up … Continue reading Your friendly neighbourhood occupants

Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

7 September 2019 @ 10:07pm; I am his prized Barbie girl: interactive and malleable. Neuroplasticity is effing ineffable. 19 September 2019 @ 10:09pm; holy shrink what a co-winky-dink. How's that? Shit I'm sorry for evoking your spirit in the middle of a shit? 25 September 2019 @ 9:01pm; say something beautiful, say something that is … Continue reading Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

I think I am being funny and clever in my headings, but I know it doesn't serve my agenda (to get people to conform to the red bloods, the bell hops, whatever basic and beautiful and benevolent being you are) I know how to do a thing, but I SUCK at maintaining momentum, being consistent. … Continue reading MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

Excavated from my memoria mines.

Gemini, I have many shiny gemines in written word, squirelled away from prying eyes. I am a Red Lunar Dragon, a progenitor of earth. Ask me and if I can, I will give what I can. The most immediate image is brought to the surface. My family are the 4, u-r2 ditto I is 0 … Continue reading Excavated from my memoria mines.

Kynthia grumbles, humbling Starkey.

Let me pace and wear aware the ground at my feet. Trenches for rivers, or banks for wars. Don't look, don't listen, no one is paying attention. Keep your eyes down, wring those hands, not your neck. Continue to mutter under your breath, perpetuate the visage of the insane to keep you safe. Try to … Continue reading Kynthia grumbles, humbling Starkey.

Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?

The Whiskey emailed me a youtube clip regarding some misguided folks converging upon a point in the desert, and the number 2. Why was I shown this clip? Because that was the day I drew the cards regarding the two little witches, Gabe and the Nautilus Heir. That post was heavily edited, I left out … Continue reading Re(memo)ber the desert, Storm?