The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

You can have a squizz at my 2018 playlist here. I like to hit shuffle and see what the day brings me. That's how "my guides" "speak" to me. Through music and words that are literally heard (or seen, like reading words on a screen). Songs from my 2018 playlist. Screen caps from last … Continue reading The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

All of my metaphors are real

Does it depend on if you've scene it? Do you see the whirl wind around me? Or just another god damned hole in the ground, another mind for your quarry? Here is where i stand. I've got a blade in my chest and my blood spilled by no one's hand. Its okay, there is no … Continue reading All of my metaphors are real

The fall of Adam

my evening star marks the beginning of my transformation… the return of venus and mercury to combine their thrones of power again And how many coincidences must occur before the classification changes? From conjecture to confirmation… a meaningful manifestation… ℘ Evening star descends the horizon. Awakens 40 days later. Reborn as the morning star. Morning star … Continue reading The fall of Adam

Zero to Nemo (part two)

Defining the purpose of my blog, and general online presence. Do you even want to be here? Of course, I do. Then what’s the problem?               I am. I am sick of the same holes I chase my tails around and again, carving circles into the floor with my incessant pacing and muttering and argh … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part two)

A disembodied voice speaks

I think ideas as thoughts into existence, they roil around my mind as colours and urges and energetic expressions. I don't know what I am doing, where I am going, what I am saying nor why I say I don't know any of these things. Perhaps it is more accurate to attest that there is … Continue reading A disembodied voice speaks