They revisit Venus via reversals

℘ Venus turning retrograde feels like home. It has been 585 days since last we spoke. κ It is almost like the retrograde brings us together. I didn’t quite realise it had been that long. I’ve been learning to count days and look for patterns in the cycles! ℘ And what have you gleaned? κ I already knew I … Continue reading They revisit Venus via reversals

Writing the ineffable name

Made up of 19 individual letters. 15 unique glyphs, 4 of which are repeated. The group of 3 is of both the first and the last. The 4th is in the middle, a pair to mirror itself. Union within hieros gamos brought the worlds parallel, and through them the axis mundi was formed. Absorption of … Continue reading Writing the ineffable name

Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Disclaim! I, skabaren K (the evolvement of skibbo), have stitched together another skaab. I want to thank Rondut for the beginning of the spark that set this bad bitch on fire. I start with humour, to mask the conjuration of swirling dark forces spinning beneath the event horizon. The greatest love story Australia has ever … Continue reading Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Are we called to witness, or war?

Where will you be when the walls come crumbling down in the citadel that you live/loathe/love? One day while the people pray, a small voice will stop to ask you what you did that sent you away? So here we are on opposing sides, a line was drawn to divide our minds. A reflection of … Continue reading Are we called to witness, or war?

Revelation 10/22-20

So here I am. Agonising over my words, my choices, my message, my motivation, my reception... it is two fold. For it is not only the doing of a thing, it is also how it is perceived. I am at the doorway of fear and it pains me to be here. What am I so … Continue reading Revelation 10/22-20

Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

This is an example of just writing to get shit out of your head. I’m going to use my meta-meta-awesome-bullshit skills of TEACHING to turn every fucking thing I ever do into a teachable moment. It’s all part of the learning process. It’s unedited, unrefined, narcissistic blah blahs about my own personal bullshit. I’m an … Continue reading Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels