Calling out “experts” on their bullshit.

Ok. I'm going to stop you right there. This post is just about 1875 words long. Just so you know... Oh Hector, you're a cocky little cunt, aren't you? You're lucky I'm not a violent person. I only lash out like so when I'm pushed to the limit of my patience, or if I'm bored … Continue reading Calling out “experts” on their bullshit.

No one gives a shit about your opinions

Knock, knock, gnocchi on Enoch's door. Who is it? Oh shit, it's John Knee. I'm kicking down the door even though I have a key! It's really for dramatic effect. I totally just unlocked the door. Or picked at the lock. Or did something. I dunno. It's all just make believe, made real because of … Continue reading No one gives a shit about your opinions

The visible versions of me

Again, the difficulty with being a finite person in a definitive form. People get so caught up in the aesthetic visual representation of some thing, they are often narrow-minded to think that the physical vision upon which their literal eyes see is all they need to know about that thing. Which is fine. Everybody does … Continue reading The visible versions of me

Apocalyptic catalyst

Posters I made on canva as 2018 came to a close. Thus the whole "1st January 2019" launch date thing. Modern mystic mother and her Cult of Kim. The essence of a spirited soul, and her ego-centric personality. I just show these here for posterity, to acknowledge (for good or bad) what was mine and … Continue reading Apocalyptic catalyst

Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.

I can be anything that you dream up for me. A punching bag, a plate of fish, a lecherous memory. But most of all, if you ask me, I just want to be free to be all and none of it. I just want you, to want to be with me. Up in the air … Continue reading Inside my human design. 4/1 generator, gate 43.

What do I have to offer to you?

10th May, 2019. Updated. Time is apparently tick-tock-kicking on my side, apparently. Or it's kicking my butt into gear to be prepared for... the end. Behold, me. Look, see, listen, hear; read my words.I quote myself. 1st February, 2019. The time is now 3:17am, but I took a photo when it was 3:16am, convinced it … Continue reading What do I have to offer to you?