Brian come back with the krakrn

Because im a scared little chicken (rooster, #cok, my minute pillar, i sang a tune as the sun was rising and shit... peter felt guilty about his... reputation..? Or was it his conscience...? I dont remember) (Can i just cock up this song and save us both the embarassment of my long winded introductions?) While … Continue reading Brian come back with the krakrn

18 visions of victims

This is what it feels like. With hands on the bible. Release up to the falling mother, failing the sky. You know what it feels like. To become the enemy. Everybody knows your name brings shame. That's why you are (me) unchanged, so the world can spin on without you (me). I love you … Continue reading 18 visions of victims

I am and my way with words

I’m a teller of stories, I’m a singer of songs.An oracle of omens, a re-writer of wrongs.I’m an archetypal essence of both my ego and shadow.The oracle of Sydney shares her wisdom with the world.A wailing, blinding siren, I am the Spin Doctor. We are dumb and there are plenty of self-named experts who claim to … Continue reading I am and my way with words

Look into my eyes amd you will see what I was meant to be.

There is no such thing as beauty, freedom, truth, nor love. Not in this form. Not on this earth. Not that you now know. Get bent. Gentle man. Put that glove on my hand. If the creases do not show, you'll have to fold the manifold over all valves. Dehydrate to make old and dusty … Continue reading Look into my eyes amd you will see what I was meant to be.

Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

7 September 2019 @ 10:07pm; I am his prized Barbie girl: interactive and malleable. Neuroplasticity is effing ineffable. 19 September 2019 @ 10:09pm; holy shrink what a co-winky-dink. How's that? Shit I'm sorry for evoking your spirit in the middle of a shit? 25 September 2019 @ 9:01pm; say something beautiful, say something that is … Continue reading Welcome to Ken’s dream dollhouse

Full moon in Aries tarot reading

This full moon occurs at 20° Aries and oh my goodness, there are a whole heap of astrological pings in my astrological chart. I turn 33 years old next month (15 November). Today is 14th October, and according to the Chinese lunar calendar, my birthday is the 14th day of the 10th month. How about … Continue reading Full moon in Aries tarot reading

Paper doll with heart

Tripping on a hole in a paper heart I am, I am, I said I'm not myself. But I'm not dead, and I'm not for sale. I'm the kind of girl who likes to tell the world the way I feel about myself. What have I told you before? You cannot trust anyone. First … Continue reading Paper doll with heart

MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

I think I am being funny and clever in my headings, but I know it doesn't serve my agenda (to get people to conform to the red bloods, the bell hops, whatever basic and beautiful and benevolent being you are) I know how to do a thing, but I SUCK at maintaining momentum, being consistent. … Continue reading MKULTRA cool counter classic, courtesy of K(me)

Excavated from my memoria mines.

Gemini, I have many shiny gemines in written word, squirelled away from prying eyes. I am a Red Lunar Dragon, a progenitor of earth. Ask me and if I can, I will give what I can. The most immediate image is brought to the surface. My family are the 4, u-r2 ditto I is 0 … Continue reading Excavated from my memoria mines.

Awaken the Antichrist

It's hard to give a fox about anything anymore. It's all been said and done before. Not just by others, but I myself have done this all before. I am circling myself, repeating my steps, the words I have written, thought, or have said. I am repeating my self by being self referent. I am … Continue reading Awaken the Antichrist