The visible versions of me

Again, the difficulty with being a finite person in a definitive form. People get so caught up in the aesthetic visual representation of some thing, they are often narrow-minded to think that the physical vision upon which their literal eyes see is all they need to know about that thing. Which is fine. Everybody does … Continue reading The visible versions of me

call of the Antikryst: cultivation of a personality

I am a fucking mess. I never know how to lay myself clear, linear thought like words on a page fucking SUCKS because in my head and heart, everything is connected. Circular. Spiral in and out, hokey pokey shaking all about. I can only Express the path that I took to get here. I don't … Continue reading call of the Antikryst: cultivation of a personality

thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

Every CULT have their rules of laws. Here are mine. Last year (2018) I had my own cult of personality lovingly referred to as my cok. COK - CULT OF KIM. Talking with my soular shadow's reflection, it's fun seeing where our soulprints line up in each other's lives. She embodies the light of the … Continue reading thank Kristan for my beautiful metallic COK

Who’s f***ing with you? I don't normally listen to this music, but the song title says it all. Manipulation. That's the theme of this post - the messed up, mental menagerie motif I'm attempting to manifest in still coherent and meaningful way. I am a master of mind fuckery, and mutating metaphors into mental night whorses NEIGH MOTHER … Continue reading Who’s f***ing with you?