To the wanderer: what do you seek?

I wonder about those wanderers, the seekers who seem to aimlessly roam. Disconnected from themselves, unable to recognise something to do with home. How will you know? What signs will you recognise? If you found it, then what? Do you just stop, and plant root wherever you are? What about habits, your tendencies, the behaviour … Continue reading To the wanderer: what do you seek?

No one gives a shit about your opinions

Knock, knock, gnocchi on Enoch's door. Who is it? Oh shit, it's John Knee. I'm kicking down the door even though I have a key! It's really for dramatic effect. I totally just unlocked the door. Or picked at the lock. Or did something. I dunno. It's all just make believe, made real because of … Continue reading No one gives a shit about your opinions

Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Disclaim! I, skabaren K (the evolvement of skibbo), have stitched together another skaab. I want to thank Rondut for the beginning of the spark that set this bad bitch on fire. I start with humour, to mask the conjuration of swirling dark forces spinning beneath the event horizon. The greatest love story Australia has ever … Continue reading Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Inanna isis under

24th was the new moon in Pisces. Let's make some magic... I guess. Are you ready? Because... I'm not really ready. But it doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not. I'm in the hands of the heavens, on the face of the earth, and I'm going under. Evanescence - going under And so gods … Continue reading Inanna isis under

I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures I have less than 7 years to complete this task and to do it well. I can only move tomorrow, had to take handicap to make it fair to play. I gave part of myself to yesterday. There's no looking back now. I cannot waste time reflecting upon an empty membrane, I only have … Continue reading I’m Barbie(gir)L, 1 face of 4 living creatures

Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

This is an example of just writing to get shit out of your head. I’m going to use my meta-meta-awesome-bullshit skills of TEACHING to turn every fucking thing I ever do into a teachable moment. It’s all part of the learning process. It’s unedited, unrefined, narcissistic blah blahs about my own personal bullshit. I’m an … Continue reading Rabbit proof fences lead to the tunnels

Always keep your heart locked tight – WWBD

Love. Everyone just wants to be loved. But not everyone expresses love in the same way, just as not everyone wants to be loved the same way. As much as I slice and dice myself to endless jigsaw pieces, this bright and burning ball of chaos does maintain some threads of unchanging, concrete crystalline metaphors … Continue reading Always keep your heart locked tight – WWBD

On the road again

I've been down here before,Trail was blazed long ago.Left my self to find me again.Hear my voice, it tells mewho I am and used to be.Reclaim the ghost holy free.Sund aughter sun My name rose me out of the sea.Rise up withstand face the againstI found my shadow bright as dayMorning star to lead the way.Left … Continue reading On the road again

All of my metaphors are real

Does it depend on if you've scene it? Do you see the whirl wind around me? Or just another god damned hole in the ground, another mind for your quarry? Here is where i stand. I've got a blade in my chest and my blood spilled by no one's hand. Its okay, there is no … Continue reading All of my metaphors are real

Rage against the me-chine

i am a selfish, silver-tongued bullshit artist who only pretends to listen to placate you, while twisting your perceptions to give me everything I want. i only speak lies, i only complain. i open my mouth to manipulate you and destroy your sense of worth and value. i will never do as you want. i … Continue reading Rage against the me-chine