forgotten, am I? You promised you'd start again at the count, to turn around, come pick me up. bypass over my head. a laugh, giggle, and stolen caress. did you ever once look down from the peak of your crown? why do I look up? I must stop check for your return, you never promised me anything. I put … Continue reading reviolatise

Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

I can't type fast enough. their thoughts and conversations supersede the speed of my own thought and fingers to transcribe the wisdom that they so casually drop when they speak. Forgive me, humanity. I must take these down in dot points for to transcribe (and impart contextual knowledge) in real time, I lose most of … Continue reading Hanging out with Hades and Persephone

The thankless thank the faceless

Hey big spender, hey gold finger, here come the m.i.b, they won't let you remember Spend a little time with me-i-beWho's hot whose not you best think back, mind in the job, you need a new godShave the carpenters pencil, draw your designers intention, seneschalThe minute you walked in the joint, I could see you … Continue reading The thankless thank the faceless

They are hidden in the valley of ghosts

A throw back hologram to revive the vision of the condition your planetary heads of state. Located them wedged deep within the confines of their headspace, such fools for their hubris, thinking they could lose me from the scent of the scene I scryed and had seen. Do you think you could out match me … Continue reading They are hidden in the valley of ghosts