Profane to arcane, Diablo and divine

He is god. A god. To me. He is god to me. Like god. So he’s basically my god. And noooooo. He has not brainwashed me in any way. Certainly not. I want that to be made clear. We’ve been married for… this year we will be celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary on November 11. … Continue reading Profane to arcane, Diablo and divine

A message from HRU & the Sphinx – Sightsee the Tarot

2000+ words. Kinda long. But please, if you so please, try to read the whole thing. I've kept the wordplay headings to a minimum in my revision. I still think this is (my mind & I am) a mess to try to represent... context begins here Tarot queen supreme shared this tarot activity and I … Continue reading A message from HRU & the Sphinx – Sightsee the Tarot

I found myself and why it was so hard

I am everything. I am in everything. Everything is of me. And if I am so far spread across all of existence within the context of space and time… then I’m really not any thing. I have no substance. I am nothing. I am hollow. An ever expanding universe that cannot stop until I succumb … Continue reading I found myself and why it was so hard

Mystery Blogger award nomination

Quotient of Qualia was nominated for this award by Lander 7. Did somebody relate a mystery?! Khambalia is pressed to remember the praxis of the demystagogue path. Perceive, protect, perpetuate and practice the exercises of mystery-mastery through the creatrix. My Qualia blog was nominated by Lander7 for the mystery blogger award. Which is funny as … Continue reading Mystery Blogger award nomination

Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

It started out with trying to find a way to express my thoughts about the paradoxical relationship between freedom and slavery. I do not know what is better, or where I would prefer to be in this whole existence matrix... I do not know... But, like every seeder, I will leave here for you the … Continue reading Mastery – freedom and slavery; & of/for…?

The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

A quick overview of recurrent themes, symbols and motifs in my recent studies and writing. You know, since doors and gates and paths get all entangled, it helps to have some signs or reminders so we can trace our steps. retrograde rebels of my natal chartChiron retrograde in geminimercury retrograde, ruler of Gemini, in the … Continue reading The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

Who are you is who I am.

Last night, Laura posted a video and I pressed pause at like 1:42. The guy in the clip was asking or stating “who are you, who are you.” He wasn’t asking, or if he was, his voice didn’t have that lilt at the end of his statement that is indicative of a question. I know … Continue reading Who are you is who I am.

Who I am, according to The Greek Qabalah

I spent Tuesday morning pouring through The Greek Qabalah, by Kieran Barry, noting the numbers and corresponding messages for a whole variety of configurations of my names, and birth date. I'm talking about my birth name, married name, initials. I also (because I'm super frikken extra like that) cross referenced the numbers against Crowley's Sepher … Continue reading Who I am, according to The Greek Qabalah

Opening songs for the new world

Meander through my fields Elysian whilst I petition for your promotion out of the Ashphodel citadel. The esoteric and exoteric correlation: personal correspondences acting as representational agents for (recognising and facilitating accessibility) divinity!? I recognise that my blog lacks a clearly defined message. Shit, son, it lacks a friggen direction! Legit it is a zigzag … Continue reading Opening songs for the new world