Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Frantic and frightened, I’m drowning inside of myself. Again I berate myself with “what have you done?!” I do things that are both necessary and benign and yet punish myself for doing those things as if they were wrong. I oscillate between oversharing and underpinning. I love and loathe this plane of existence. It is … Continue reading Allow one to reintroduce their self…

Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a sprite surprise. If you go down to the river to pray, the answer to an undisclosed notion will spirit you away. For every Pegasus or Alicorn knows that the alkimyst gets whatever she wants. The holy ghosts are going to have a cavalcade. … Continue reading Kimschism, Israfel shield maiden

Retroactively I see the eye of providence

A personal knowsis from the 16th of July. Reposted here unchanged (save perhaps the laste so. Yeah... BTW, I'm up to week 10 of the SKT. This rally car jeepney driver is behind the karmic wheels of life. Since I'm driving for funsies and I like this vehicle upgrade, let's do doughnuts in the parking … Continue reading Retroactively I see the eye of providence

Zero to Nemo (part two)

Defining the purpose of my blog, and general online presence. Do you even want to be here? Of course, I do. Then what’s the problem?               I am. I am sick of the same holes I chase my tails around and again, carving circles into the floor with my incessant pacing and muttering and argh … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part two)

Zero to Nemo (part one)

Thank you. Your words and your friendship has given me the wherewithal to go ahead and publish this particular wordy ramble I have had stored away in my digital documents. This will be the first of 4 parts, the rest I will schedule for each to be published after 24 hours has passed. Giant stepping … Continue reading Zero to Nemo (part one)