If the only room you roam is your home…

Social distancing - I don't know whether to make a joke, stir up dissent, or just exaggerate obtuse oblivion. Regardless of whatever response I choose to enact, social distancing is a shitty thingy that has been thrust upon society by the ruling parties and we must follow. I don't really mind, I like being separated … Continue reading If the only room you roam is your home…

Pathetic humans, insta ly

And here I am, weaving my way through time. I wrote this on the equinox, today is the new moon. And i am releasing this patithi c forth to be released on ahead of my time. why? Because I am spineless and have no conviction in what i write. Only when I write. But when … Continue reading Pathetic humans, insta ly

Chiron and healing the soul wound: making excuses.

Chiron was a respected teacher and skilled healer, and was known as the wisest and most just of all the centaurs. What a stand out guy and I'm sure we can learn a bunch of stuff but let's just get to the part where I give the f*-k up on life and swap places with … Continue reading Chiron and healing the soul wound: making excuses.

Don’t forget her, promise.

The captive in the desert, tied in my mind. They never stop, they will never stop. Free her from your mind. Speaker, bespoke her. See? Pierce the vale, peers the veil. Pieces of peace, the poetry of meat can be found in the roiling of flesh. Soi the disant verus dicere veal. The swords are … Continue reading Don’t forget her, promise.

Lets do another timewarp, my friend.

Once upon a time in a mind that was dark and weary, there lived a little girl who lived all alone. She was alive, or so she thought she was. She couldn't tell if she was haunted by ghosts of her memories, or if she was one... who was the ghost in a shell... the … Continue reading Lets do another timewarp, my friend.

The secret weapon of the gods

I am meant to be used. Use me. I really suck at this shit… like… I know how to do shit, I am bound to the laws of the here and now. I cannot foresee or anticipate AT THE SAME TIME AS fucking decimate and liberate.. I'm just a tool, so USE ME - Anthropomorphic … Continue reading The secret weapon of the gods

Here is my heart

It's been broken, it's been wounded. And I lay it here on the table for us to inspect it for everything can become a teachable moment if you know how to spin it. By the way, may no mind to the gaping hole in my chest. That is from a completely unrelated matter.. I don't … Continue reading Here is my heart