Always keep your heart locked tight – WWBD

Love. Everyone just wants to be loved. But not everyone expresses love in the same way, just as not everyone wants to be loved the same way. As much as I slice and dice myself to endless jigsaw pieces, this bright and burning ball of chaos does maintain some threads of unchanging, concrete crystalline metaphors … Continue reading Always keep your heart locked tight – WWBD

Inside my human design, part 2.

My human design is pretty special, to me anyway. Click here for my first post on this topic. This is my second post (and I keep second guessing myself, as if anyone cares or as if it matters to anyone at all. After all this blog is for me to express what I want, if … Continue reading Inside my human design, part 2.

Gemini twins, mirror reflections

23/5/19 – Through glass just started playing on my shuffle playlist…. Holy shit. Haha. How’s that for a divine sign? 01/06/19 -- Allow me to lay a few stepping stones so I do not diverge from this meeting place (let me not be swept away again without relaying my intended message… don’t get distracted by … Continue reading Gemini twins, mirror reflections