When she was just 17…

If you know what I mean, then you'll know that the way she smiles disguises her disrepair. https://youtu.be/9h80Sr15n4M Heathers, the musical - Seventeen I'm sharing with you something I wrote 858 weeks ago, when I was 17. Why am i sharing it? Because... I don't remember. It felt relevant somehow... that I understand what its … Continue reading When she was just 17…

Tarot spread for KW

I haven't written an interpretation but FYI in terms of the 4 worlds, this is the whole pile of earth. Cards drawn and laid 16th April 2020 5x5 card tarot spread.Deck used: Spirit Keeper's Tarot, first edition.I put myself in the centre to cover the glare of the reflected flash. Eek. Interpret as you will. … Continue reading Tarot spread for KW

Chronomancy for persephone

Another fun little thingy from the past. Chronomancy in this day and age sure is a shit ton easier than before. The practice of soul retrieval is an easy enough exercise, but it takes great patience and many tests of skill to master it. Memories are crucial for this to work, combined with sensory triggers … Continue reading Chronomancy for persephone

Bottle brush of truth.

Dear Kristan, Your recent letter regarding the word play reminded me of this little ditty i penned sometime, at some point. It was when i was gallavanting the mimetic mmmother, aka Kalliope Veign. You know me as Key Lamp currently, my dear Watts-Ohms. Some other effs, I have just thought of, we can fan in … Continue reading Bottle brush of truth.

Give thanks with a grateful heart – WWBD

Gratitude is absolutely essential for one’s wellbeing. People often take the good stuff in their lives for granted. I know I certainly do. When we start to take stuff for granted, that gives the impression that we are no longer gracious, we no longer feel gratitude for that bountiful blessing of whatever it was. The … Continue reading Give thanks with a grateful heart – WWBD

Capricorn and Scorpio are the keys to traversing the 2020 shift

You’re not powerful when you get your way, but when you can handle what comes your way. That’s Scorpio’s lesson.Of course, there are circumstances when you want to go for it, to achieve your goal, there are times when your strength will lie in the relentless pursuit of your goal. But that’s Capricorn’s lesson, not Scorpio’s. With … Continue reading Capricorn and Scorpio are the keys to traversing the 2020 shift

The Book of Names, companion to the books of life and death.

When I was in the mmmother phase of my digital evolution (for now I am the crown of the crone), I had the inkling to create my own book of names, a companion to my book of life. For I am a student of words - I enjoy perusing proverbial paths, navigating this conceptual sea … Continue reading The Book of Names, companion to the books of life and death.

Queen K of the Summer Empyre

When I am queen I will not wait, my body type will still be great, I will not leave it up to fate because I hate you too // When I am queen they all will see the patron saint of self-injury, the glitter sores will heal themselves, I'll play the part of someone elseJack … Continue reading Queen K of the Summer Empyre

These foolish games

I am not your fair weather friend. I am the tempest in&of the temple. I am not two-faced, but I am two-fold. I am the guide to placate hypothesis, exhausted curiosity may bring you to me. If you felt so compelled or could not find anyone else, I was (and am) your disguised connection to … Continue reading These foolish games