Why aren’t more people like me? FIGJAM!

In the "real world", the physical world, right here right now (god, I should fucking come up with a better, more clear way of delineating different versions of reality and places...)... OMG. So, "off-the-net" (that's now what I will call the real world. LOL) I'm a pretty extroverted person. I'm silly, annoying, I'm really TOO … Continue reading Why aren’t more people like me? FIGJAM!

Release tension with intention

Hahaha okay, will do.Me, talking to myself just now (29.03.20, 1:11pm) In accordance with my higher self, I will take a figurative step away from this pithy platform. I wrestle with my self - my heart, my mind, my driven desire... rolling around outside of time, but still within the plane of space and time. … Continue reading Release tension with intention

Once upon a tome, in gnotime

I am all occluded conclusions, gasping at airwaves, frantically rewriting wrongs. In my short sighted, over-focusing ocular orbital, I, fail to rise beyond aspirated beginnings. As usual. I do the same shit again and again. I've written the same style, the same story, the same disconnected reality. All I ever do is speak about me … Continue reading Once upon a tome, in gnotime

Everything is stupid: an angry rant by ENFP

Angry rebel will son, anarchist raises the sun. Alchemist rouses suspicion. Abolitionist riot in spirit. Not recommended for immature audiences. Beware, this post contains a lot of swears. Can’t help but be a teacher..? Sometime in October 2018 It’s really quite habitual. Because it’s the nature of my job. And the nurture I made myself. … Continue reading Everything is stupid: an angry rant by ENFP

The secret to chaos magick #5.

The apple of discord was set to collide with the world. Eris sacrificed her most prized possession to help raise the earth's vibration. Oh the things she would do if she were queen, and not Aymyh. Yhwh know, Lohwhy. Eris said I was still the prettiest. But out of the love of her heart (I'm … Continue reading The secret to chaos magick #5.