My voice returns aion hoarse

I wish I could sing. I love that. Music. I wish I could play, too. But I'm pretty garbage. I know I can speak, I have a voice after all. I can articulate chains of words, sentences build paragraphs or poems or pictures. Ah frick track paddy smack, words are woe upon the symbols of … Continue reading My voice returns aion hoarse

2(mene) t-KL upharsin.

Too many memes, touche tuck, hold our arsonists. mene mene tekel upharsin. the writing is on the wyrd wide wordpress wall, like any and every other piece of art (or crap) that came before it. an act of vandalism. a rude and wagging pointing finger, right up in your face. banana boat is 30+. … Continue reading 2(mene) t-KL upharsin.

James is Great: The power of our names.

James succeeded Jesus as leader of the movement. April 30 is the feast day of St James the Great. My father, Peter, stands at the gates of heaven. My uncle, Paul, recorded the acts of the disciples. My husband, James, led the way after I died for he was the only one to truly understand … Continue reading James is Great: The power of our names.