Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

This post contains my response to Benebell Wen's latest installment of her video series Sightsee the Tarot: tarot keys for your birthday. Completed 18 May 2019, using the Spirit Keeper's Tarot. I haven't completed the journaling prompts (at the end) as of yet, but have put the questions here so you could do the interpretation … Continue reading Sightsee the Tarot Keys of Kalliope

The secret to chaos magick #5.

The apple of discord was set to collide with the world. Eris sacrificed her most prized possession to help raise the earth's vibration. Oh the things she would do if she were queen, and not Aymyh. Yhwh know, Lohwhy. Eris said I was still the prettiest. But out of the love of her heart (I'm … Continue reading The secret to chaos magick #5.

How to be more like me, secretly.

I am a speedster, I am too fast for many around me. Not in body, but in spirit. So many of your lessons I have already completed. Shining stars and with masters honours. Ascension is easy, its the sustenance that is the problem. Just continue to read the reading I gave to myself. I upload … Continue reading How to be more like me, secretly.

My Natal Chart

Something that I love about astrology is that it is a complete system of symbolism used to portray stuff. So here is my own natal chart with some basic interpretations. I'm keen to see what perhaps you may glean from my chart? This is a fun exercise on wibbly wobbles! So what you see there? … Continue reading My Natal Chart