Apocalyptic catalyst

Posters I made on canva as 2018 came to a close. Thus the whole "1st January 2019" launch date thing. Modern mystic mother and her Cult of Kim. The essence of a spirited soul, and her ego-centric personality. I just show these here for posterity, to acknowledge (for good or bad) what was mine and … Continue reading Apocalyptic catalyst

Are we called to witness, or war?

Where will you be when the walls come crumbling down in the citadel that you live/loathe/love? One day while the people pray, a small voice will stop to ask you what you did that sent you away? So here we are on opposing sides, a line was drawn to divide our minds. A reflection of … Continue reading Are we called to witness, or war?

The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

You can have a squizz at my 2018 playlist here. I like to hit shuffle and see what the day brings me. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/67fWDsUUSfm7NoteVJRx47?si=vA_iWFITQF-Tde0qD8c89w That's how "my guides" "speak" to me. Through music and words that are literally heard (or seen, like reading words on a screen). Songs from my 2018 playlist. Screen caps from last … Continue reading The only Perfect Sense is hindsight

In case you missed that thing that I sent you…

Peter, the Rock upon which the church was built. Yahweh WWE. Communication/communion dilemma. Gathering magic from suspicious sources, so as long as it produces results no one cares. Numerology of my birthday, the lo shu grid squares the circle of my life. An idea must descend through the various faculties to be translated and expressed, … Continue reading In case you missed that thing that I sent you…