Revelation Annotations 04

Oh my, what big books you have. Chapter 5 – The book of life and the lionheart lamb. The scroll is the book of life, a living record of memory. The seals are locks that each require a key. All 7 keys are required to access the document. Oh, to have a premium library card … Continue reading Revelation Annotations 04

Have you forgotten that I am the muse?

7 June 2019, 9:29pm. Leo the lion is a little pessimistic, so all you other tilting mindmills be aware. Turn back the sands of the thinking cogs, let not your face give you away. Don't blink. Keep one eye open at all times. Dont trust the cries of an angel. Eye to eye a steep … Continue reading Have you forgotten that I am the muse?

Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

Disclaim! I, skabaren K (the evolvement of skibbo), have stitched together another skaab. I want to thank Rondut for the beginning of the spark that set this bad bitch on fire. I start with humour, to mask the conjuration of swirling dark forces spinning beneath the event horizon. The greatest love story Australia has ever … Continue reading Sibylline Oracle, NIN.vi3

In case you missed that thing that I sent you…

Peter, the Rock upon which the church was built. Yahweh WWE. Communication/communion dilemma. Gathering magic from suspicious sources, so as long as it produces results no one cares. Numerology of my birthday, the lo shu grid squares the circle of my life. An idea must descend through the various faculties to be translated and expressed, … Continue reading In case you missed that thing that I sent you…

Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

I've been really at war with myself lately, engaged in this inner conflict about continuing this blog and what I want to achieve. I have many half-started entries and ideas only I never actually complete anything because I eventually crumple under all my self doubt. I do nothing without a justifiable reason, I am lazy … Continue reading Chiron and healing the soul wound: a preliminary examination.

Revelation 10/22-20

So here I am. Agonising over my words, my choices, my message, my motivation, my reception... it is two fold. For it is not only the doing of a thing, it is also how it is perceived. I am at the doorway of fear and it pains me to be here. What am I so … Continue reading Revelation 10/22-20

PSA! Articulate: word games now war crimes.

PSA: Public Service Announcement. My pithy attempt to distinguish myself from other merchants of the mysterious, mystic experience. Deck: Madame Endora's Fortune CardsThe Sphinx, from the realm of fable - Choose your words carefully.The Harlequin, from the royal court - True feelings are masked. My really feely KreWstar, the Krypton to my Potassium, inspired this … Continue reading PSA! Articulate: word games now war crimes.

Bottle brush of truth.

Dear Kristan, Your recent letter regarding the word play reminded me of this little ditty i penned sometime, at some point. It was when i was gallavanting the mimetic mmmother, aka Kalliope Veign. You know me as Key Lamp currently, my dear Watts-Ohms. Some other effs, I have just thought of, we can fan in … Continue reading Bottle brush of truth.