The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

A quick overview of recurrent themes, symbols and motifs in my recent studies and writing. You know, since doors and gates and paths get all entangled, it helps to have some signs or reminders so we can trace our steps. retrograde rebels of my natal chartChiron retrograde in geminimercury retrograde, ruler of Gemini, in the … Continue reading The Matthew 7:7 door brought me here.

I am the antichrist, and I believe in me.

A tonic reprisal of some very important core pillars that I crystalised for some imminent spiritual, global crusade. How I awakened without any of the "established" means of detoxification. Click to purchase the complete e-book for $1.99 US. ANTICHRIST MANIFESTO Manifest myself, through the power of my one true name. Kalliope Anunnaki Tirthankara Libera (this … Continue reading I am the antichrist, and I believe in me.

where* does my power lie**?

*Where may be replaced with other words to redirect the line of questioning. Where does my power lie?When does my power lie?Why does my power lie? The understanding of the word **lie is dependent upon the line of inquiry - the context, or setting, which was established in the beginning of the seeking. Lie (noun … Continue reading where* does my power lie**?

A disembodied voice speaks

I think ideas as thoughts into existence, they roil around my mind as colours and urges and energetic expressions. I don't know what I am doing, where I am going, what I am saying nor why I say I don't know any of these things. Perhaps it is more accurate to attest that there is … Continue reading A disembodied voice speaks